Should I Stay or Should I Go

As of 5:00pm Saturday, there’s no new news on the Grant to Florida front. Florida officials have been to Richmond and left. Everybody short of my mom has decided Grant has been offered the job and at least some sort of negotiation has begun. VCU assistant Tony Pujol is the clear-cut favorite to replace Grant. Right now, Grant is likely sitting in his living room, drinking a lemonade, and sorting things with his wife and children.

Grant will likely head to Florida in the next couple days and accept a well-earned job, his dream job. But the point of this entry is simple: anybody who says “there’s no way he will turn down that big of a raise” has no idea who Anthony Grant is, and is missing the point entirely.

I’m a realist, and I know money does enter the picture at some point. But Anthony Grant is a principled, religious, loyal man. This one is about far more than dollar signs. Grant means what he says and keeps promises. He recruited his first freshman class to VCU and sold them on his principles of building something big. He asked his players to believe in what he was doing and they trusted him and were rewarded. He meant every word of it, and understands the odd position his leaving VCU will appear.

It will bother him, and is likely weighing on his mind right now. It is also the reason Grant’s decision is not as easy as most people believe. Every external factor points to packing the family and moving them back to Florida. But inside Grant–that place we all go when considering something important, and that place we only discuss with our partner–it isn’t that simple.

If Anthony Grant stands up to a podium Sunday or Monday afternoon and says it was a gut-wrenching decision, he will be telling the truth. It won’t be press conference theatre.

I’m with everybody else and believe it is 90/10 Grant is going to Florida. But if he stays, it will not be as shocking as the national media will make it out to be. Not by a long shot. The door is open just a crack for VCU for no other reason than who Anthony Grant is as a man.

And the bigger issue? What does it say about mid major programs–schools like VCU and ODU and Creighton and Bradley–that a coach would eschew an obvious step up to remain with the mid major?

Somebody get Mark Few on the phone…and Tony Pujol. Just leave some time, because an excited Pujol is a chattering machine.


~ by mglitos on June 2, 2007.

4 Responses to “Should I Stay or Should I Go”

  1. …so you’re saying there’s a chance?!?

  2. Let me be clear: there should be zero chance Grant is staying. It’s only because Anthony Grant is the kind of man he is that there is a slim chance.

    I know very little more than anybody else.

    I just see the “he’s crazy” if the longshot decision comes in, and all I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be that surprising.

  3. yeah, I gotcha’

    I was just riffing on the old “it’s a million to one shot!…. so you’re saying there’s a chance? ” aprox movie quote (that I’m too lazy to look up)

    thanks for the updates mglau

  4. Mark Few…that is too funny.


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