Saturday Night’s Allright for Fightin’

Exciting morning. There’s chatter, and planes are already flying.

We may know something official shortly.

Maybe not.

Thank you, Tim Pearrell, and the RTD…


The update: Grant is meeting with Florida officials in Richmond…an offer is expected, as is Grant’s acceptance. Money quote, courtesy of VCU beat writer Tim Pearrell in the Richmond Times-Dispatch:

VCU President Eugene P. Trani said he talked with Grant yesterday.

“I just assured Anthony he’s done a wonderful job here at Virginia Commonwealth University,” Trani said. “My hope is he’ll remain as our coach. But I certainly understand Florida’s interest in talking to him, and his interest in talking to Florida.

“At this stage of the game, I don’t want to speculate [what will happen]. He knows he’s got a good job here. But [Florida] is where he came from. It’s clearly one of the top five basketball jobs in the country. He’s got to weigh all those things.”

Leading candidate is current VCU assistant Tony Pujol, who would immediately make the media happy. Anybody who has ever spoken to Pujol has lost about 15 minutes–the guy loves to talk.

Also on the list: Tulane head man Dave Dickerson, Texas assistant Rodney Terry, and Ohio State associate head coach John Groce. Others have been named, but I’ve been told they aren’t serious contenders.

I’ll do a couple of drive-bys today to see what I can find.


~ by mglitos on June 2, 2007.

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