Bad Moon Rising

Unconfirmed report that Grant is on his way to F-L-A tomorrow to meet with AD Foley.
The power of the Internet shines again, as Grant’s Wiki–you didn’t know he had one, did you?–has already been updated. See the last line.
VCUs Siegel Center is a ghost town.
I need some serious medical help.

Boys, it’s Stella in 30. The cell will be strapped by my side all weekend. Hell, I will probably blog over the weekend.

Here’s what I’ve got: bupkus (officially).

What I do have are four cell phones turned off; two more with voice mail full; and a passel of spin doctors saying everything from “he’s already wearing orange and blue” to “Tom Crean.”

Two items that it really boils down to: Grant is selective and honorable and there are maybe, MAYBE five jobs he would seriously consider. Florida is #1 on that list and #2 is a distant second.

Careful with what you read and hear…it’s all conflicting and all over the place. Will he, won’t he? Just be careful. If I hear rumor, I’ll let you know rumor, but won’t “report” until I hear fact.

4:00 presser could just be Donovan and those NBA foofs.


I’m hearing a rumor of a 4:00 presser. Note: unconfirmed. I’ll keep dialing.


~ by mglitos on June 1, 2007.

One Response to “Bad Moon Rising”

  1. Insider note from the new Hammer….. Villa 7 is working and the phone has been ringing off the hook with candidates throwing their hats into the VCU ring.

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