Come on. It was a holiday weekend. You had no business checking here, and even less than no business disappointed that there was no update.

Try this instead. It’s my old standby for sunny, holiday weekends. Grab a pork tenderloin from the store–preferably organic because the chemicals will kill you. Slit the center of it lengthwise, and drop rosemary down into the pig. Wrap in foil and fire it onto your grill for about a Stella-and-a-half. Cooking times may vary.


I also flipped through Cinderella poolside this weekend. And wondered who would be smart enough to hire me for Book #2.


I’ll get my phone into the spin cycle later this week but don’t get too excited. Remember, we’ve hit June. It’s charity golf tournament season.


~ by mglitos on May 29, 2007.

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