Thank God Its Friday

Allright, I’m going to admit I’m quickly becoming a Jeff Goodman fan. Guy does his homework and brings more than the typical “ain’t Roy Williams a great coach” depth to his analysis. I like that.

Here’s an article with an interview with Goodman, who also appears to be a pretty normal guy.

There is a CAA reference:

Q: Most underrated coach in the country?

Anthony Grant of VCU. I called it the best hire two years ago when he left as Billy Donovan’s top assistant and, for once, I looked smart. This guy is a future star. He’s got charisma and can really coach. I’m not sure how underrated he is these days after he knocked off the Dookies in the first round of the Big Dance, but if (actually when) Donovan leaves for the NBA, Grant should be a no-brainer as his replacement in Gainesville.

P.S.–Hey Jeff, I’ve got connections, too, for Fox Sports’ inevitable Mid Major reporter.


~ by mglitos on May 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Thank God Its Friday”

  1. Where do you think Horowitz will land?

  2. I’m going to guess Wachovia Bank, maybe a local brokerage. (Read: no clue where the kid’s career will begin.)

    It’s clearly not about basketball, and good for him.

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