Move It On Over

Oh, PK, what has your success wrought?

There’s a renewed energy west of Baltimore, and along with that is some head-scratching. You see, the energy is but a year or two old (die-hards notwithstanding, so please don’t email me) and most of the Towson hoops followers know no life outside Gary Neal.

So, what has PK brought to make you forget Neal? First, he has another year of experience from My Favorite CAA Player, Jonathan Pease.

But Kennedy is also bringing in some talent and experience:

Start of season: Junior Hairston, a transfer from College of Charleston, enters as a junior. He is listed at a Tommy Breaux-like 6’8″ and 195 lbs and averaged 2.1 points and 2.6 rebounds per game at CoC. Hairston’s rep: fire.

“I have to slow him down in practice sometimes, he’s so emotional,” Kennedy said last year. “You’d think he’s playing for an NCAA at-large bid every day in practice.”

Eligible December 20: Josh Thornton, a transfer from Georgetown. Thornton will be a sophomore, and word is that he can flat out shoot. Also keep in mind the oft-forgotten bonus of a transfer: he has practiced with the team since last year. The whole “getting to know you” thing is a bit overblown.

Thornton was recruited by many major schools before landing at Georgetown. The talk reminds me of a player a few years ago by the name of Willie Taylor from VCU. If the players’ career paths are indeed similar, Thornton will most definitely have an impact.

Eligible next season: Vernon Carr, a 6-1 combo guard from Pensacola JC, by way of UTEP. Carr started a game as a freshman but has spent the bulk of his two UTEP seasons battling injuries. Carr will also be a junior upon his arrival.

Finally, and I cannot get confirmation on the signing, is Richmond transfer Brian Morris. Understandably the folks at Towson cannot comment on someone that has not officially signed nor been accepted into school, but everybody’s rumor mill has this one as a done deal. It is not. Morris’ brother, Shaun, is Towson’s DBO. Morris has also stated he is transferring. (Morris’ other brother John just graduated from ODU.)

The skinny on Morris–other than being skinny–is that he is a taller version Tim Crossin with less shooting ability and longer hair…coach-on-the-floor type who logged a pile of minutes as a freshman.

I’ll see what I cannot find out.


~ by mglitos on May 18, 2007.

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