Irish Lullaby

Thanks to a tip from the fine folks at The Tribe Has Spoken, we may soon be welcoming another point guard into the Featherdusters Teepee. (Note to the NCAA: no need for a cease and desist…)

Apparently point guard Sean McCurdy is making his way to the Burg to play for Shaverthatmoustache. He will transfer from Arkansas and have two years eligibility remaining.

A few things stand out:

Is there some NCAA rule governing the number of point guards you are allowed to have on your roster? The Tribe already has a good one in David Schneider and get McFadden back this year. I’m sure there is a benchwarmer, too, that is listed as a PG. McCurdy was a 10mpg guy for Stan Heath, so he’s got to have some talent.

Also, speaking of Stan Heath, I came upon this gem when searching for McCurdy information. First, I’m thinking Heath needs to update the color scheme of his web site. Second, if this is an updated picture of McCurdy, he needs a haircut. Badly.

And I just think I figured it out. Check out this YouTuber and you will know exactly why Tony Shaver recruited McCurdy so hard. Apparently the coach is scared to death of the new, longer three-point line and it doing everythnig he can to mitigate the transition:


~ by mglitos on May 15, 2007.

One Response to “Irish Lullaby”

  1. Read Bob Hurley Sr.’s book “The Miracle of St. Anthony’s” and you will know everything you need to know about the plight of Sean McCurdy. The kid has had a nightmare existence due to basketball and the father is duly responsible. I beleive this may be his fourth college in two years!

    Cinderella is a great read.

    Thanks for the thrill.


    From the Home of the Free and the Land of the Pride

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