This is cool. I like it. Show me more of this!

Highlights: A Sam Harris dunk, and the background music might be Chopin. (I told you we’re a classy bunch.)


The national nightmare is almost over. I’ve received more email than I imagined I could asking about the CAAZone’s outage. Chris and Dave have plopped a message that it is on its way; that some finishing touches on a redesign and move to new servers is nearly complete.

ZA/ZM: fire me a comment on timing. I’m guessing my next inbox-buster is going to be “how long is soon?”

And to all: this is site is a great example of the strength of online communities. Those of you in the real world need to take note of the way the flow of information and how it is ingested is changing.


~ by mglitos on May 10, 2007.

One Response to “Nocturnes”

  1. Nothing better than ODU highlights. Here’s a classic…

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