You and Me (And the Bottle Makes Three)

I’m hearing talk of even more teevee this season, which is going to be interesting for coaches. Why?

Remember, on at least three occasions last season a top team moved a Wednesday game to Thursday for television and then had to turn around and play Saturday. The quick turn around–no matter to what degree you believe–obviously affected the top team and they lost the Saturday game. (Side note: also factor in Coaching Paranoia to quantify how much those guys think it affected their team…)

Ah, the teevee connundrum: exposure, or risk? Five million arguments for both, which is what makes it such a juicy topic. There is no right answer; then again, there is no wrong answer. It comes down to the personal belief of the coaches/adminsitrators.

The conference meetings are coming up in a few weeks (Hilton Head, I believe, the first week in June) and you can bet this discussion will be near the top of the agenda.

Here’s a Modest Proposal: schedule twofers.

Let me say that the network and the teams are completely made up and used only for illustrative purposes…you wouldn’t believe the number of conspiracy theorist (and revealing off-the-record info) email I receive when I throw an idea out there. I say again: this is merely my idea and has no bearing no reality.

So the twofers.

Negotiate with Comcast to put the ODU/Mason game on Thursday evening, but they should also televise ODU/Hofstra on Sunday, instead of Saturday. I’m thinking Blaine Taylor and Tom Pecora are okay with that spacing.

Now, you can give Jim Larranaga/Benny Moss the option of playing UNCW on Satuday evening as scheduled (to maximize attendance) or move it to Sunday as well.

Everybody wants what’s best for the conference, but in their hearts what’s best ironically seems to match up with what’s best for you. All I’m saying is to create a scenario where everybody gives a little and everybody gets a little.

Teams/coaches: get better spacing for the games and not nearly the turnaround rigor, plus teevee. But they give either a Saturday game or the “different” rigor of Sunday prime time game.

Conference: get more teevee games but perhaps accept reduced terms (re: money) to help incent Comcast to take no this approach. They also show legit concern for the coaches and players.

I know it isn’t that easy, but I’m just saying let’s all think. Surely something can be worked out.


Other note I’m hearing: Rod Barnes is sharp, as in really smart. Add him to the impressive list of CAA coaches.


~ by mglitos on May 7, 2007.

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