Voices Carry

As commented from yesterday’s take on Mike DeCourcy’s column:

You’re missing the point: the Gonzaga Era was all about competing with, and defeating, major schools.

The Mason Era is all about expecting that to occur.

A specific Final Four run; or three Sweet 16 teams; or any other single event is somewhat irrelevant. It’s about the overall tide change in college basketball.

We think on a higher level over here…you are welcomed to join in the discussion.



~ by mglitos on May 2, 2007.

3 Responses to “Voices Carry”

  1. mgl – love the blog, but if you meant that last part, you wouldn’t allow folks to post anonymously.

    and over at gheorghe: the blog (gheorghe77.blogspot.com), we’re generally juvenile but we know a little bit of mid-major hoops, we love the caa (even if our w&m squad is a bit of a sore spot) and we’ve linked to you since before mason’s run.

  2. Well played, rob. Shoot me an email.

  3. I’m not sure I can believe that even though I want to since Mason is my alma mater.

    If that is the expectation due to the ushering of the Mason Era, then mid-majors fell way short this past season.

    I’m aware that the NCAA tournament is a very small sample size to prove or disprove such a thing, but if anything, the BCS schools reaffirmed their dominance throughout the season.

    Of the two mid-major schools that made the Sweet 16, both (Butler & Southern Illinois) had success during the supposed Gonzaga Era. I’m not sold on Mason’s success changing their demeanor vis-a-vis their expectations.

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