Semi-Charmed Life

Some format changes today. Look over to the right and you will see some improved categorization of blogs I frequent. This list will expand as I run into blogs that pique my interest. I’m falling back into the structure one of my first writing teachers engrained: “first you freeze the pond; then you let the skaters dance.”

So we’ll get it all set up and add/delete/edit as we need throughout the summer. I’m pretty smart, but I don’t know everything, Jack.

“I’m an educated man but I’m not familiar with the travel habits of Daniel Santiago.”

Send me your referrals, under these rules:

1. It has to be intelligent. Content is king. Sharp wit counts as intelligent. We don’t discuss the Carolina Panthers sixth round draft choice here, nor do we resort to “you suck” when heckling. There is a minimum IQ level.

2. Be relevant and timely. I understand there is a long college hoops offseason, so I cut some slack for reduced posts. But if your last offseason analysis consists of “I can’t believe Charlie Liebrandt was traded to the Braves” I’ll respectfully ask you to move on.

3. Reciprocate. I know I’m personally the biggest violator of this rule, but it’s my rule. I’ve chosen to blog my tuchus off and see what happens. I’m going to need the exposure. (Side note: if you have to look up the meaning of the word reciprocate, please see Rule #1.)

4. Really, if the blog is intelligent and timely you can ignore all that blather above.


I keep getting asked about my next project and I always respond with the same line: not really; not yet. It’s kind of a lie. First, I need the spring sales figures to come through before I can go whole hog. The publishing business is interesting in that its top companies like to make money. Go figure.

But I have found the right guy at the right organization and have shot him a letter. The idea is huge and would be well-received. I admit I have a one-in-50 chance of having it come to fruition, but you need to root for me. You’ll like the project.

And no I’m not sharing it yet. That would violate The Actual Rule #1 around here: don’t tempt The Fates.


~ by mglitos on May 2, 2007.

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