Surfin’ Safari

Found this little gem from Jeff Goodman at Fox Sports

Sure Mr. First is no real eye-opener, all things considered. But don’t stop reading there. Mr. Six will warrant, ahem, some discussion.

I love the offseason.

Not really.


Also, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News–one of the really smart guys out there–weighs in with another very intelligent position. This time it surrounds coaching pressures at mid majors. Two items stick out to me, and should to you:

1. This is the kind of reportage we need to see more of in these times.

2. He speaks late in the column of the “Gonzaga Era.” I’d argue George Mason’s run ot the Final Four closed out the Gonzaga Era and ushered in the Mason Era. The difference? Gonzaga brought respectability. George Mason’s legacy: expectations.

Big difference.


~ by mglitos on May 1, 2007.

4 Responses to “Surfin’ Safari”

  1. George Mason era? Please! When did 1 year constitute an era? You guys need to get over yourselves. I suspect “expectations” may be overblowing things a bit also. Most sane folks recognize that what Mason did last year, while quite remarkable, certainly will continue to be the exception rather than the rule amongst mid-majors.

  2. In their many trips to the NCAA tournament, Gonzaga did all but one thing: make the Final Four as a school from a true mid-major conference.

    George Mason just happened to make the Final Four. Whether or not Mason making the Final Four was the exception to the rule (obviously, it was), it is irrelevant – the very event ushered in a new era for mid-majors. It could’ve been a number of teams, but it was Mason.

    I’m still waiting for the era in which a good mid-major can schedule a true home & away series with good schools from major conferences.

  3. I love DeCourcey’s work. Why he’s still at The Sporting News is beyond me, maybe it’s because they allow him to do whatever he wants. I don’t know.

  4. Ah, clearly another BCS Baby among The Legion. You’re missing the point: the Gonzaga Era was all about competing with, and defeating, major schools.

    The Mason Era is all about expecting that to occur.

    A specific Final Four run; or three Sweet 16 teams; or any other single event is somewhat irrelevant. It’s about the overall tide change in college basketball.

    We think on a higher level over here…you are welcomed to join in the discussion.


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