Take Me to the River

My weekend was largely devoid of basketball, save for my attempts to avoid anything remotely resembling the NBA. (Re: yard work, and lots of it) Unfortunately, every now and again you have no choice. But two choices came to mind when a member of the Delaware faction of The Legion wrote me and asked about this kid Jawan Carter.

I’m told he’s a transfer from St. Joe’s (they hate it when you write it like that). All freshman team, I’m told. Doesn’t he realize the Hens have won about as many games as his scoring average, I’m asked? (Side note: not so bad if you’re Loren Stokes. But you’re Jawan Carter.)

And I immediately thought about forner St. Joe’s leading man Abdullah Jalloh heading to Harrisonburg to play for Senor Crankypants. These are good players in good programs all choosing the CAA.

Go figure.

What I mean is this: Mason went to the Final Four. VCU beat Duke. Eric Maynor is a sophomore and Antoine Agudio is back for his 34th year at Hofstra.

This league is going to be good for awhile.

Side note: the St. Joseph’s thing (there, you happy?) is a coincidence. Don’t let it cloud your thoughts.


~ by mglitos on April 30, 2007.

2 Responses to “Take Me to the River”

  1. You need to add the Oustanding other OOC wins last year as well. Both ODU and Drexel had huge wins. This conference is going to be very good for years to come is very true. But, one good player on a team doesn’t get it done. Just look at Towson. You better come loaded with a solid starting 5 and at least 3 or 4 more if you want to compete in the CAA.

  2. They actually don’t even like St. Joseph’s…you have to spell it out…Saint Joseph’s. Yet the Tribe sticks with the ampersand…one more reason the CAA is better than the A-10.

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