Giant Steps

Classic Coltrane this morning…

The Commonwealth Collegiate Challenge is set for this Saturday at Benedictine High in Richmond. This is the CAA/ACC Seniors battle. Some detail:

CAA Players
Dennard Abraham and Gary Neal (Towson), Arnaud Dahi, Drew Williamson, and Valdas Vasylius (Old Dominion), Adam Payton (William & Mary), and BA Walker and Jessie Pellot-Rosa (VCU). Coach: Sean McAloon of Benedictine High

ACC Players
Jason Cain and JR Reynolds (Virginia), Zabian Dowdell and Jamon Gordon (Virginia Tech), Vernon Hamilton (Clemson), and Wes Miller and Reyshawn Terry (North Carolina). Coach: George Lancaster of Highland Springs High.

All tickets for the event are $12. Sponsorships of the players are available for $125 per player and a player can have multiple sponsors. A sponsorship gets you tickets and the balance of the money goes to the player. If you can’t make the game, you can still sponsor a player and he gets the full $125.

Players will be available for autographs and photos after the game.

I love the idea. It won’t be much of a game and the outcome really doesn’t matter and proves nothing, but it will be a fun evening. Great, great idea.


I got a chuckle out of Andy Katz’s latest on about scheduling.

It is also very telling if you read between the lines.

First the humor. Jim Boeheim, roundly criticized for barely leaving his house in the nonconference season, much less the Carrier Dome, said in the article: “Remember, we’re also going to 18 league games in the Big East [up from 16]. If we weren’t going up to 18, we would have added another big-name team.”

Well damn, Jim, it’s a shame you were absolutely going to schedule somebody good and on the road, but the pesky conference officials blew up your plan by addingt conference games. Oh well. We know you were going to try.

But Boeheim also gets credit for the leading quote I don’t want to get past you: “The point is, if they want to keep you out, they can.”

Katz says about the coaches: “They’re going to go their own way, and if it’s not enough for the committee, then so be it. None of the coaches from those programs seems to feel there is a clear road map on how to schedule to get into the NCAAs.”

Bruiser Flint, on last year’s schedule: “I’m not playing a schedule like that. It didn’t get me in. What they are telling you is that you have to win your conference.”

Ollie Purnell of Clemson: “What it sounded like for me from the committee is that they were putting more emphasis on the league tournaments — and I kept hearing that — so why should that affect my [nonconference] scheduling?”

What it says to me, when you do the math: nobody freaking knows because it changes every year and they trot out whatever criteria they need to justify a snub. Drexel did what they said two years ago–nothing.

Look at it this way. The three guys quoted here all were left out of last year’s NCAA tournament for a different reason. It always comes back to the same thing, major or mid major. Win your conference and it doesn’t matter.

But if you are writing off this article as offseason fluff, you aren’t paying attention. It is a very telling piece whether Katz realizes it or not.


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