Afro Pik (Part 1)

Back from Pawley’s Island, where in three days we saw 48 degrees with rain and wind and 75 degrees with not a cloud in the sky. Very much like my golf game.

Unrelated note: if there is this big separation of church and state in America, how come my daughter is out of school today?


A couple of news and notes since I chose to disappear:

Mike Capaccio has been “relieved of his duties as Director of Athletics” at The Dub This does not come a huge surprise to anyone. Benny Moss’ initial 7-20 campaign wasn’t nearly the major strife down at the beach this past year. For everyone’s sake–including my ability to head down there to stay at the Front Street Inn–let’s hope things get turned around. (Note to Ms. DePaolo: I remain available, and even if I don’t know everything, I think I do. You could do worse–this has been proven.)

VCUs Anthony Grant, fresh off a 28-7 rookie season, has agreed to a new six-year deal with the school. Not yet signed, but agreed.

Georgia State named former Ole Miss boss man Rod Barnes as its new head coach. I admit I’d have to look up his accomplishments and I don’t know a thing about him, but I still say Micahel Perry had that thing going in the right direction. Perry may not have been the man to take the Panthers the next step, but he sure left things in decent shape.

Drew Williamson, Valdas Vasylius, Loren Stokes, and Gary Neal are all playing in the PIT this week. I sat next to a PIT scout at the Hofstra/ODU game this year and he absolutely raved about Stokes.


I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m still bitter about the Drexel Snub. (And don’t give me the “they lost in the first round of the NIT stuff. It’s garbage.) What’s more, the more I look into the seeds and such, the more hysterical the selection committee gets.

More on that during the spring and summer.


Another topic that crossed my mind last weekend: I actually chose to drive home from South Carolina rather than watch Georgetown/Ohio State. I made the call based on no real interest in the teams or the game. That struck me as odd, because I’ve always been at least interested to watch the Final Four.

I wonder if secretly, the George Mason run didn’t ruin the rest of college basketball viewing for me. Or, have I always given alms to the majors while cheering on UCSB, Idaho State, Evansville, and these pesky CAA teams–my real college hoops mistress.

We’ll explore that one later, too.


I’m saving some topics to explore for the simple reason that I’m going to need some content over the long spring and summer. So don’t completely disappear on me.

I also need to figure out what we’re going to do with this blog.

I need to write a strategic document or a mission statement. I friggin do that every day now anyway.

Stay tuned.


~ by mglitos on April 6, 2007.

One Response to “Afro Pik (Part 1)”

  1. Okay, here’s the deal: You can have the AD spot, as long as you appoint me Asst. AD, and I can work from Los Angeles. I mean really, can’t the asst job be done by email or phone?

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