Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap

I don’t know. I really don’t know.

My half full says it’s another step forward for the conference: last year it was two bids, and this year it is two bids plus the most-discussed snub. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t stink any less, because at the end of the day it is still a snub of the Drexel Dragons.

Here’s my biggest beef: the committee has repeatedly said that the path to inclusion is to play on the road, win those games, and beat somebody. You have to win in conference, but it’s what you do outside of conference that will tell the tale.

So that’s exactly what Bruiser Flint did. They went to Syracuse. Villanova. St. Joseph’s. Vermont. Creighton. And won them all. An NCAA-best 14 road wins. The Dragons were not rewarded. It’s one thing if they didn’t hand you the roadmap. This is worse than a snub, to be honest.

Committee head man Gary Walters says it was the 1-5 against the CAA top teams that held them back. I say the 1-5 was against two NCAA teams and an NIT team. Sorry, but if you’re gonig to hold VCU, ODU, and Hofstra against Drexel, then you have to hold South Carolina, Mississippi, Auburn, and LSU against Arkansas.

And Stanford? I’m okay with 18-12, provided you play someone and lose in your noncon. Sorry, but 116 noncon SOS ain’t passing muster.

I don’t even want to make it a one team versus one team argument, either. Put Drexel in a group with Illinoise, Purdue, Stanford, and Arkansas and try to find the scenario in which Drexel is Team #5. I dare you.

Tom Pecora told me last year that this is a major conference tournament and I do my best to keep from becoming jaded. It’s becomnig more difficult by the season.

Walters was on Mike and the Mad Dog show on New York’s WFAN radio and he said that “there is sensitivity” to putting two HBCUs against each other in the play in game…he just admitted that they take non-competitive aspects into the equation. Granted it is fan entirely different premise than anything we discus here, but it shows a compunction to use factors having nothing to do with on-court matters. He used teh ultimate defensive answer when pressed about Drexel–that the Dragons are a three seed in the NIT.

At the poker table, those are tells.


We’re going to celebrate VCU, ODU, Drexel and Hofstra as they should be celebrated. Just for the rest of today I have to clean that bad taste from my mouth.


~ by mglitos on March 12, 2007.

5 Responses to “Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap”

  1. I apologize for getting a little off topic but I haven’t seen your thoughts about Brownell taking Wright State to the Tournament. I don’t remember the circumstances why he left, but I’m wondering if he knew that Wilmington was not going to be good this year.

  2. MGL wrote all about it last year and in his book. Brownell didn’t get a serious deal from the AD Mike C[r]apaccio (who was lowballing him) until he already had one foot out the door.

    UNC-W would’ve been more competitive if TJ Carter was healthy. He was redshirted though, I believe.

  3. After a first round NIT loss, all that Drexel snub talk seems a bit silly huh?

  4. THey didn’t look like a tournament team to me, wow did they blow a great opportunity, no way they should have lost at home to a worn out NC State team.

    I wish they would have won, but all you people who overrated Drexel, should be the same ones to admit they aren’t in the same discussion as VCU and ODU.

  5. The NIT performance has absolutely nothing to do with whether Drexel deserved a bid or not. The body of work before the Committee was what was being evaluated, not any hypothetical future NIT results, and that body of work deserved a bid. Plus, being put through the emotional ringer on Sunday doesn’t usually make for good play a few days later. The “last team out” frequently loses its first NIT game.

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