Drink, Drank, Drunk

John Bunkley and the Atomic Fireballs. No longer together.


Dickie V likes Drexel.

Lunardi’s Latest has Drexel in and ODU and the first team out. He also has K-State in and Arkansas out.

It’s a good sign.

Time for me clean off my roof (there is real life on a 60 degree day) and sweep the porch.

Then, it’s back to see what the Smart Guys are saying now. Data point: ’round about 3:00 last year George Mason went from nowhere in sight to on the board for Lunardi.

data point: nobody had Air Force or Utah State anywhere near their brackets, and to a man liked Cincinnati over Seton Hall.

How did all that work out?


~ by mglitos on March 11, 2007.

13 Responses to “Drink, Drank, Drunk”

  1. Dickie V, now he has some real insight, give me a break. Lunardi is a Philly home, he had ODU ahead of Drexel all along until last night, then Bilas hammered him, it was classic.

    Lunardi said what else can you ask out of Drexel?

    Bilas responded, you can ask them to finish better in their comference, especially the good teams.

  2. ODU IS IN!!!!!!!

    Now to see if Drexel made it. Tough game against Butler but at least they’re in.

  3. lol

  4. By my count only 1 at large spot left. Looks like it will be eaither Drexel or Syracuse and considering Drexel won at Syracuse it should go to them.

  5. ODU in Drexel out
    it was an easy call if you just look at the facts

  6. Looks like the last at large went to Stanford over Syracuse and Drexel. I guess the committee couldn’t bring itself to inviting 3 CAA teams.

  7. ODU has a better chance to advance to tne next round and sweet 16 than VCU

  8. mglau – comment from the chair- the inner conference record is more important. Drexel didnot get the job done in conference.

  9. Litos and Lunardi are wrong again!!!!!!

    ODU fans rejoice, the media wasn’t enough to overcome our season, first ever at large for ODU, second ever for CAA.

  10. ODU and VCU in Buffalo, question is how many VCU fans will be pulling for ODU on Thursday and vice-versa?

    Litos will you drive up there a day early and pull for ODU before your sweethearts play?

  11. this is not ODUs first ever at large – we got 2 or 3 in the Sunbelt days – memory fail right now.

  12. Well, if the inner conference record is so important, it is tough to explain Arkansas getting in at 7-9 in an SEC division where the first place team was .500.

  13. After the first round NIT loss, all this Drexel talk looks a silly now.

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