Dog Day Afternoon

Had to move from the songs to the movies; today is that kind of day.

Let’s do some math. Currently I’m working through adding and multiplying fractions with my fourth-grader, and that’s somehow appropriate.

We’re going to make a series of simple statements after the numbers. Then, more math. Then, so opinion.

We’re going to assume Carolina beats NC State. Thinking otherwise tempts The Fates and we don’t want to do that this morning.

ACC: 7
Discuss: Florida State
Better not: Clemson

Big East: 6
Discuss: Syracuse
Better not: West Virginia

Big 10: 4
Discuss: Illinois, Purdue

Big 12: 3
Discuss: Texas Tech, Kansas State
Better not: Oklahoma State

Pac 10: 5
Discuss: Stanford

SEC: 5

Valley: 2
Discuss: Missouri State

A10: 2

MWC: 2
Better not: Air Force

Horizon: 2

One Bids: 20

That gets my count to 58; giving 7 spots “open.”

Teams I think are in but wouldn’t be shocked if out: Syracuse, Illinois, Purdue, Texas Tech, Florida State, Stanford.

That’s six of the seven.

Barring any of the Better Nots taking a bid, that leaves a spot for:

Kansas State, Missouri State. Oh, and two Colonial teams by the name of Old Dominion and Drexel.

Had to get that stated…

I’ve got to figure the surprise choices will balance out the surprise outs. For every West Virginia (choice) there will be a Syracuse (out). So we’ll keep that ONE number pure. To do otherwise will drive you crazy.

I’ll state now that given those odds, if the Colonial is one-bidded this year there is a problem with the selection process. Both Colonial teams are clearly more qualified than Missouri State and you can make an argument for qualifications against Kansas State.

Did I miss a team? It’s possible. I’m preparing for four radio interviews today and coming off of daylight savings time.

I’m sweating my ass off.

My guess: two CAA teams. VCU and…………………………..


~ by mglitos on March 11, 2007.

3 Responses to “Dog Day Afternoon”

  1. “Teams I think are in but wouldn’t be shocked if out: Syracuse, Illinois, Purdue, Texas Tech, Florida State, Stanford.”

    Far from a lock – Texas Tech, Florida State, Stanford

  2. Florida State, and Stanford are going to be out. I don’t get all the hype about Stanford.

    10-8 in Pac 10
    RPI of 69
    Lost home games down the stretch to Gonzaga and Arizona

    Lost ot Air Force by 34 at home!!!
    Lost to Santa Clara at home!!!

    This team reminds me of Drexel, can be really good when motivated and focused, but too many questionable results.

  3. I’m backing off my statement that Arkansas is a lock. Their record against the SEC tournament teams is 2-3 and both wins are against the same squad (Vandy). Their neutral court win v. SIU gets them over the hump. I’ll just say that I like their resume much more than Illinois and Purdue, and considerably more than Florida State when factoring in Toney Douglas missing 5 games (1-4).

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