Keep the faith, my brothers. Xavier and Nevada did the CAA no favors, but they also did West Virginia and Friends no favors either.

What an ugly Friday night.

But there is hope.

More on that later.


~ by mglitos on March 10, 2007.

4 Responses to “Faith”

  1. Well yesterday was pretty brutal but Joe Lunardi still has both Drexel and ODU getting in. In order for that to happen the committee will have to take both teams over-

    FSU, Stanford, Air Force, West Virginia, Kansas State, Missouri State, and Arkansas.

    The likelihood is one of the teams in that group will get in while the CAA will send two teams to the dance. Also Florida has to beat Arkansas tomorrow in the SEC Final.

  2. I think Arkansas has to be a lock, they beat S. Illinois, Marist, and W Virginia on neutral sites.

  3. Yeah but Arkansas finished 7-9 in the SEC West which was horrendous this year. They’re run in the SEC tournament hasn’t been that impressive and I think if they lose to Florida tomorrow, they won’t get in.

  4. Arkansas should be a lock. 5 straight wins, including two on non-home courts against tourney team Vanderbilt.

    Other points:
    * 5-4 against the Top 50
    * The 8-9 road/neutral isn’t great, but better than a lot of the BCS schools under consideration
    * Very strong SOS and non-conf SOS.

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