Things That Make You Go Hmmm…

Once again, let me be clear: Duke is in the NCAA tournament.

Let me also be clear: if Duke is better than a 9 seed–especially after last season’s selections–you can officially no longer tell me the committee doesn’t look at history without me tasting bile in the back of my throat. It will be a joke of momumental proportions.

Take Coach K and Christian Laettner and the Cameron Crazies out of the picture, you know, like the Selection Committee says they do.

–With their tournament loss, Duke finished 8-9 in the ACC (6th). Oh, lost in first round of conference tournament to RPI 115 team.
–Lost 6 of last 10 and 7 of 11 (closing speed?)
–8-9 to RPI top 50 (average…you can’t give me the 8 without including the 9…)
–But it’s the ACC! Fine. Best ACC wins: home to BC, home to Ga Tech. Best road ACC win: at BC and at, uh Clemson. Mediocre is being kind.
–Good nonconference wins, but we’ll deal with that later. (Home Indiana, home Georgetown, neutral Gonzaga)
–Best nonconference road win: they didn’t play ANY noncon on the road, though I will give them Gonzaga in New York, a neutral game, and Air Force in Kansas City.

Now, let’s put Drexel on the board, as a comparative:

14-5 in the CAA (vs. 8-9 ACC)
7-3 in last 10, 8-3 in last 11 (vs. 4-6, 4-7)
3-4 RPI top 50 (vs. 8-9)
Nonconference RPI 5, SOS 5 (vs. 4, 11)
Road/neutral record 14-5 (vs. 7-5)
Good nonconference wins: at Syracuse, at Villanova, at St. Joseph’s, Vermont.
Best noncon road win (see Cuse, Nova)

Every measure is very comparable. Every single one.

Four things stand out here:

1. Duke is a lock and Drexel is on about half the projection boards; however, when you look at it the teams are EXTREMELY comparable and very close.

2. I don’t know if Drexel is in or out, but if the Dragons are in, their seed had better be within a line or two of Duke. It won’t. This is what got me to the “Duke as a six seed is a joke” from above.

3. Remember, ODU is in this same discussion.

4. The RPI continues to confound me. I thought it was about winning. But Drexel has an equal RPI and better noncon SOS than Duke. Yes, they play in a lesser conference but they have 13 wins as opposed to 8. Far more road wins. And yet, Duke’s RPI is 14 and Drexel 46. You can’t tell em that playing and losing to your conference foes is worth that much more. It just makes me scratch my head.


Didn’t I mention something about not crying a couple of weeks back?

I’m not whining or crying. I’m not going to say ODU or Drexel belongs in ahead of anybody else. I’m merely pointing out things that make me scratch my head.

More of that later.


~ by mglitos on March 9, 2007.

4 Responses to “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…”

  1. I totally agree with what you’re gettin’ at here. I go to Mason, but MD is my no. 1 team, so I have ties to both CAA and ACC.

    Having said that, I’d much rather see the 2nd and 3rd best CAA teams (Drexel and ODU, not Hofstra) in the tourney and have the 7th and 8th best ACC teams left out.

  2. I see what you’re saying. I agree wholeheartedly with what Chris is saying too. Before I say why Duke deserves higher than a 9 (I think they’re a 7 at this very moment), let me get out of the way that I’m not fond of Duke. Not one bit.

    * RPI Top 50 wins: 8 (t-4th)
    * Their non-conf SOS and RPI is 4 and 12 respectively. As an aside, some of the best mathematicians need to get together and create a weight for home games, neutral, and away. They just have to, because Duke wouldn’t have those gawdy numbers.
    * SOS 3

    Unrelated to the post, what kills me about Duke is that as recent as last week, media heads said this is “one of Coach K’s best coaching jobs ever” and that his team “isn’t that talented.” I believe I vomited in my mouth.

    On Tuesday on Steve Czaban’s radio show, Seth Davis (Duke-driven media member, Duke grad, AKA “I’m shocked”) said Duke was a 3-seed. In the words of Stephen A. Smith, “THAT IS TARRIBLE [sic]!”

  3. If MD is your #1 team, could you transfer there? Gary Williams whines too much. Thanks.

  4. […] Thursday, much less what was going through my gourd in March. I found some very humorous stuff, including this Duke riff way before they drew […]

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