Huggy Bear

Oregon Hill Funk All Stars. sad they don’t play together anymore.

Your rap sheet, as in “teams of interest:”

Well, there’s ODU and Drexel. Then, there’s:

(1) West Virginia: I don’t get it. RPI is greater than 50 and 2-6 against top 50 RPI. 275 noncon SOS. 275 !!!

(2) Syracuse: If Boeheim is saying “I don’t know,” then you have to wonder. But I think they are good to go.

(3) Illinois: Suspect doesn’t begin to describe this team. Lost 8 of 11 to top 50. You can play ’em, but you have to win ’em. Win tonight probably in (sad). Loss should be out. This is a key game for the mids.

(4) Indiana: they will get in but are classic phonies. Root for them tonight. Pick against htem next week.

(5) Purdue: interstingly sits next to Drexel on KenPom and Drexel nails them in every category. Look at those two teams. Really. And tell me there’s not something funky in the RPI. Go Hawkeyes.

(6) Bradley: I think I actually like these guys before Missouri State as the third Valley team.

(7) Texas Tech: I don’t get why they are a lock. I really don’t. Maybe a win today, but I don’t see anything special. I mean they are completely average.

(8) Air Force: should be out; done everything the committee says not to do, including losing their last four. Ick.

(9) Florida State: loss to Carolina tonigt is their 12th–I repeat 12th–to top 50 RPI. Also 4-6 in last 10 with loss. They are probably in, but this is screaming Lee Corso (not so fast my friend).

(10) Arkansas: they are starting to really play well and it shows. Root for Vandy today, but I think Arkansas wins and locks up a spot.

(11) Michigan: a win today against Ohio State changes the discussion, but they shouldn’t be on anyone’s final list, except maybe Krzyzewski.

(12) Kansas State: This is Michigan, only without the opportunity today. They’ve lost 5 of 6 to top 50 teams and have a putrid noncon SOS. As difficult as it seems, root for Huggy Bear today.


Stanford: tough loss last night, and I can actually make a case for these guys.

Clemson: this is a no comment needed item.

Alabama: 2-7 against top 50 RPI. Blech.

Nevada and Xavier need to hold serve.

Dear Lord, don’t let Oky State win today and get into the discussion.


~ by mglitos on March 9, 2007.

3 Responses to “Huggy Bear”

  1. Bradley & Missouri St: Mo St. has the best quality win (albeit in 2006 – (N) Wiscy). Better conference record, better record against the top 50, better R/N record. Everyone at this site would point out that that they swept Bradley. Here’s the kicker for me: the Braves have a whopping 7 double-digit losses. Missouri St. has 4.

    Texas Tech: 3 signature wins (swept A&M, beat Kansas), won 6 of 7.

    K St.: I think they had Bill Walker for the USC win, which is 1 of 2 quality wins. He’s out. They need to beat TT & Kansas.

    FSU: The Toney Douglas factor. 2-0 since he came back from injury. They were 1-4 without him. I know, I hate it too.

  2. josh – philly: Did Drexel do enough on the road against good team to get into the Dance?

    SportsNation Joe Lunardi: (2:20 PM ET ) No team will generate more discussion in the committee room, I’m guessing. Sure the Dragons have done enough, but they are so close to the edge that any number of dominoes could fall to knock them out.

  3. David (Williamsburg): Will the CAA get 3 teams in?

    SportsNation Joe Lunardi: (2:23 PM ET ) Probably not, because too many things would have to go exactly right. My problem, still, is making the cal on Drexel and ODU.

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