Homeward Bound

VCU fans have reserved a special place in hell for Mississippi State. Just ask them sometime.

But Drexel and ODU fans need not worry about the Bulldogs for another day. Yes, it was a good win over a good Kentucky team, but their overall attractiveness is rather like my prom night: not too bad and it had its moments, but there was no dancing. The RPI remains in the mid 60s, they are 4-6 versus top 50 and 8-10 versus top 100 teams, 5-9 in road/neutral games, and a bland noncon slate (rpi 74 and SoS 127) with best win being Texas A&M Corpus Christi (#87). Oh, and George Mason beat them.

They need more.


As for other afternoon results:

1. Yay to Carolina and Ohio State. I don’t know about Florida State, but I do know about Michigan. Goodbye NCAA and goodbye Tommy Amaker.

2. Purdue blew out Iowa, which you may think is bad but really isn’t. They were getting in anyway. This is more like your 86% foul shooter making two late in the game. You knew, but you didn’t want to admit you knew.

3. Kansas State is putting it on Texas Tech, and I think that’s a good thing. I like to think Kansas State really has no shot, but I don’t know. Texas Tech could be the Big 12 version of Purdue.

4. Vandy is in, so you have to hope they can come back against Arkansas. I think it doesn’t happen and Arkansas gets in with this victory.


~ by mglitos on March 9, 2007.

One Response to “Homeward Bound”

  1. wow friday was a terrible day for bubble teams, looking more like another one bid year for the CAA, ill keep my fingers crossed though

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