Diff’rent Strokes

I’ve got to start today with an interesting question; one I cannot take credit for asking. So I’m talking last night with someone (hint: she’s really hot and I’m not allowed to use the B-word to describe her) and she asked a great question.

If a shooting foul is two shots, how come they only give one free throw when the field goal is made?

Really. Shouldn’t the result of the play not matter in the application of the rule?

It’s kind of like college football. If the rule states you are down when your knee touches the ground and you have the ball, what about the guy that holds for field goals?



We’ll talk Old Dominion at lunch time today, mainly because I need the emails to stop. Passion is a wonderful thing, but I always think of Glen Close in Fatal Attraction.


~ by mglitos on March 8, 2007.

3 Responses to “Diff’rent Strokes”

  1. You should assume ODU is in-George Mason AD on committee.
    You should be comparing Drexel to Cuse:
    Rpi 50vs46; Road 5/4 vs 13/4; ooc sos 81vs5. Cuse is supposed to be hot now-well take a look of who they played. They did beat GT but guess what they lost to…..Drexel.
    Put the discussion where it belongs…ODU is in. Drexel should be in

  2. I hate to use this site, which is your public forum, to contact you through… but e-mails and whatnot just dont seem to be working.

    We are all really clueless as to whether you are participating on saturday? I never received your keepers, so we cant fully realize our draft strategies… and if you arnt staying in the league youve left us a little short handed on a really short notice.

    PLEASE, respond to the league and get back to my e-mails…

    College basketball isnt the ONLY important sport 😉 haha


  3. Ben, it seems like he is big-timing you…

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