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Real Life. Bah!

Another Let Me Get This Out of the Way Comment: I’ve noticed a trend this week, and it makes me want to puke. I’m sick of these guys hedging on their picks for teh NCAA tournament by saying “but I’m not on the committee so I don’t know and neither do you.”

Here’s a bulletin: fire is hot. I already know you’re not on the committee and I don’t care if you’re on the social committee of the local Kiwanas Club. You’re being asked for your opinion and analysis of the NCAA tournament.

Give it, and stop hedging. Pehaps I’m a bit sensitive to this topic since my email box has blown up in the past two days, but I digress…


One more: my crack publicist has landed me on the Colin Cowherd Show Monday morning. Give it a listen. Round about 10:25 I believe. I’ll be talking college hoops, and if you didn’t know, I’m not on the selection committee.


Let me say this as clearly and delicately as possible: just because I like something about some other team does not mean I don’t like Old Dominion. Saying Drexel has done what the committee asks–or that the Dragons have big road victories–is NOT saying Old Dominion has neither. Stop internalizing everything.

That goes for non-basketball stuff, too.



Old Dominion.

Here’s what I love: a win at Georgetown; 12 of 13 down the stretch (that is closing speed); 15-3 and second place in the CAA. You can’t ignore that, not after last year. A healthy RPI number which if it doesn’t finish the best in the conference, it is within whiffing distance.

Top 50 RPI record is 4-3. OOC RPI is 50. All good. All is what is asked of a mid major. But really what this is about is their comparative teams.

Air Force: very comparative numbers, except that they’ve lost three in a row, are the #3 seed in their tourney, and are 2-4 against the top 50.

Illinois: 3-8 against top 50 RPI and those are against bottom dweller Big 10 teams; only 7-7 on road. Purdue is suspiciously the same.

Like Drexel’s fourth place finish in the CAA, I must point out that ODU has converted on one of four opportunities: There’s Georgetown; then there’s Clemson, Winthrop, and Virginia Tech.

But when you look at EVERYTHING, and I mean everything, I choose ODU over all of those teams.


What you people are failing to see is that it isn’t a direct comparison. It just isn’t. When the committee talks about body of work, they aren’t talking about who you played all season and what games you specifically won and lost. They are talking about how ALL of the numbers look when brought together, and when compared on equal fotting to those numbers for other teams.

There is a picture there, and you can see it if you look hard enough.

Think of it this way: what happens in the NCAA tournament?

Find six numbers that best quantify what that looks like (e.g., what a tournament team looks like…)

Now think about the word PHONY.

(Side note: I’ll save you the time: “the only phony in here is YOU!”)


~ by mglitos on March 8, 2007.

4 Responses to “Amazing Gracce”

  1. My problem with your rationale is that ODU has beaten Drexel twice, including in Phiily. So, Drexel must have an overwhelming resume, and ODU’s must be so so, but that is far from the case.

    We are getting 2 or 3, I hope for Drexel’s case we get 3, but I see no way Drexel gets in at ODU’s expense.

    ODU’s RPI has climbed to 35 after G’twon blitzed Villanova and Toledo won their game. ODU still has Va Tech, Toledo, and G’town to help the RPI, who does Drexel have left to help theirs?

  2. Hofstra beat Mason twice last year…had no effect

    Mason got in, Hofstra didn’t
    RPI’s were Mason 28
    Hofstra 31

    ODU beating Drexel twice isn’t gonna have much effect…I think they both get about all 3 CAA teams get 12 seeds, that way we know one of them is bound to advance

  3. Similar situation last year – only 1 bid for the CAA available. Who do you take. Mason finished ahead of Hofstra in the final standings, better rpi, and SOS so Mason was in – obvious.

  4. ODU better get in the tourney this year. If they get passed up, we’ll never hear the end of it.

    I mean never. Not in a million years.

    How hyper-sensitive can one team’s fan base be? News flash: your team is good. Very good. No one is out to get you. In fact, most of us are rooting for you to do well this postseason.

    Why not try diverting that extra energy into something positive? Volunteer at Habitat for Humanity or vote for your favorite American Idol every week or something…

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