Well, I’ll say this: ODU fans care.

We like to look forward here, but a couple of housekeeping items first from the weekend:

Pretty good call by Yours Truly on the final score, no?

Michael Perry out at Georgia State? I personally don’t like it, but I’m not close to the situation. Here’s what I know: the guy was coaching his ass off with A-Sun players and in-the-knows recognized it. Ask Pecora about his first two years in the CAA (that would be something like 15-41). For my JMU readers: Perry was no Lefty Driesell, but he was no Sherm Dillard either. I can’t speak to his recruiting, but the questions I asked to the people I asked them netted me the feeling that he was far from a bad coach.

Let’s get past this tournament in Richmond thing once and for all. Here’s what you absolutely must keep in mind: running the CAA is like running any other business. You have to make smart financial decisions in order to survive. Some decisions have to be made for economic reasons alone. Considering the CAA tournament is the single largest revenue generator each season for the conference, I’d bet it falls into that category. I have no doubt that the conference would move the venue if it were made fiscally intelligent. But I can absolutely tell you that it’s up to the cities and Your School. Don’t want it in Richmond? Get Dr. Zillmer (side note: one of the smartest fellows I’ve ever met. I mean really wicked and differently smart) to get the Philadelphia city council (or whatever they call themselves) to put in a quality bid.

I guess what I’m saying is that things like rotating venues and Atlantic City are great for fans to discuss and may make logical sense, but in the end, to mix my metaphors, SunTrust insists on me paying my mortgage every month.

Thanks to everyone who popped by to say hello. Enjoyed meeting all of you.


So, on the whole bid thing. Here’s what I mean, as crystallized as I can make something that, really, is gelatinous.

(Side note to the colorful ODU fans–you know who you are: ODU does not have a 12-game winning streak. They have won 12 of 13.)

Take your emotion out of it for one doggone second. I agree that ODU “could” and “should” go to the tournnament. But I personally choose Drexel before them.

People have got to stop looking at specific numbers for justification. I can find eight reasons why both ODU and Drexel deserve to be both in and out, and that is the scary part. Typically the committee is looking for the reason to EXCLUDE a mid major. That is why this year’s Selection Sunday is going to be ridiculously significant and a litmus test for the committee…how will they treat mid majors after George Mason? After Wichita State? After Bradley?

That’s what it’s really about. The collective view of mid majors. And that’s exactly how the Selection Committee gets to things like “looking like a tournament team” and “closing speed.” You have to have done it in three seasons: nonconference wins in November, a good performance in your conference, and closing strong. Part and parcel to all of it is doing the things you were asked to do: play on the road, win on the road, and accomplish something abnormal.

That’s why I choose Drexel. They lead the country in road victories. They won at Villanova, at Syracuse, at St. Joseph’s. They beat Toldeo. Heck, they beat the AE champ Vermont. That’s the road stuff and the abnormal stuff. What’s more, Drexel’s loss to VCU in the CAA semis is not going to be damaging. VCU was the regular season and tournament champ and went 19-2 in the conference. There’s no shame in that loss.

In short, Drexel has done everything that the Selection Committee asked a team to do, and that’s why in a coin flip case with Old Dominion or West Virginia or Air Force or Texas Tech I firmly believe the Dragons are the choice.

You cannot tell someone the exact way to do something, have them go and do it, and then not reward them. That would be horrid and wrong.

It isn’t a matter of what ODU did not do. They did a bunch themsevles and I honestly believe they should be in the tournament as well. But not like Drexel.

Now, someone asked about the fourth place thing. That’s the fly in the ointment. Drexel did all those things but in the end they are the fourth place team in the CAA. That’s a tough pill and insanely ridiculous to figure out. That is what I meant by teh committee never having to deal with this situation before. It will be interesting to see where they land.

Still, at the end of the day, using the NCAA Selection Committee’s own words and own data, teh Drexel Dragons belong in the Big Dance.

ODU, too.


~ by mglitos on March 7, 2007.

7 Responses to “Stand”

  1. Yes Drexel did what they were asked to do, but the Creighton game was handed to them while ODU got a game with far less potential benefit again this year. If ESPN had selected matchups one week later, ODU would likely have gotten Creighton. You play who they give you and you win.. ODU did and shouldn’t be penalized because ESPN picked the teams. That said I hope they both go..

  2. I think a big factor will be if Georgetown wins the tournament. They win the Big East, the ODU win looks MUCH better, and will not be ignored. So hope for a Georgetown win ODU faithful.

  3. Drexel beat the 8th and 9th best teams in the Bigt East, ODU beat the 1st place team. Blaine Taylor said the best teams Drexel played all year long were VCU and ODU, and they proceeded to go 0-4, throw in Hofstra and they went 1-5.

    ODU won at Toledo, Drexel beat them at home, get your facts straight. Unfortunatley ODU rubs some people the wrong way, including the author of this blog, but how if you are choosing between 2 teams do you take the team that got drilled by the other twice?

  4. Some Stats
    RPI- ODU 39 Drexel 46
    SOS- ODU 91 Drexel 95
    Against top 4 CAA- ODU6/2 Drexel 1/5
    Drexel got break on its conference schedule.
    Drexel Big Wins-
    ODU Big Wins-

  5. More of your anti-ODU blather from a VCU point of view. Based on your own made up criteria, Drexel only met 1 of 3. They didn’t finish strong, did not get the job done in conference and only had a strong out-of league showing. ODU finished strong and beat the crap out of Drexel 2x, had a strong conference showing and played a strong out of confernce schedule. So you lose. Glad you aren’t on the committee.

  6. Let’s also not forget that ODU’s win at Toledo broke like a 15 game home winning streak for Toledo.

  7. “Drexel’s loss to VCU in the CAA semis is not going to be damaging.”

    Come on this is extremely damaging to Drexel, they needed the VCU win to get in. Drexel lost to VCU 2x – it shows that Drexel was not capable of competing with the best of the CAA. They lost 2x to both ODU and VCU. ODU beat VCU. This is not a good argument.

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