Promises, Promises

Mea culpa. Real life and all.

Sorry–headed over to the Coliseum to get in some good pregame mojo.

I’ll make it up.

VCU 64, Mason 58

Two bids.

Stay tuned.


~ by mglitos on March 5, 2007.

13 Responses to “Promises, Promises”

  1. It pains me to do as a student at ODU, but I’ll be rooting hard for VCU tonight as I figure that will be the only way ODU has a shot at getting in. The way I see it the CAA will be a 2 bid conference and if George Mason wins the 2nd bid will almost certainly go to VCU since they finished 1st in the conference and they made it further in the tourny. If VCU wins however then the 2nd bid will between us and Drexel and I don’t see how an argument can be made for Drexel over us even with thier impressive non-conference resume. ODU beat them twice and finished 2 spots ahead in the conference plus they both went out in the same round in the tourny. Id love to see 3 teams get in but I don’t see it happening as the committee will likely side with bubble teams like Illinois, Georgia Tech, and West Virginia over Drexel.

  2. Thank you Eric Maynor!

    I say VCU and ODU are in with Drexel as an outside shot but probably out.

  3. Holy crap – damn fine guess!

  4. Hofstra beat Mason twice and went to the conference finals last year. We all know how that turned out. Drexel has 13 road wins this year, including Vermont, Nova, Syracuse and Creighton. While I think both deserve to go, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see Drexel get the bid and ODU go to the NIT.

  5. Great comment by anonymous. That’s been on my mind for the last day, especially since Creighton won the MVC tournament. Keen eyes will be on top half of the Big East tournament bracket (Georgetown-1, Syracuse-5, Villanova-9).

    Congratulations to the Rams. They fought hard and were eventually rewarded. I’m really proud of the Patriots despite falling short. With that said, they had better not tarnish the conference’s name and pull a BracketBusters repeat effort.

  6. Wow. That might be the most accurate pick I’ve seen in ages.

  7. 2 bids, 0 NCAA tourney victories

    haha im just bitter Mike, go Rams

  8. So ODU wins at MAC champ Toledo and Big East champ Georgetown, don’t carry as much weight? How about this one, they won at Drexel!!! Did Hofsrta beat Mason by a combined 37 pts last year? Did they sweep Mason or win 2 out of 3?

  9. Last season, Hofstra won v. Mason in Hempstead and in Richmond. No game in Fairfax.

    Just as a point of information, the Littlepage committee last season said they hardly considered the Hofstra win in Hempstead with respect to their overall resume. I wish I had the soundbite.

    That may be an ominous precedent set forth with respect to the ODU faithful.

  10. ODU’s wins at (87)toledo and (17)Gtown are impressive (RPI in parentheses). It’s just that Drexel’s wins at (21)Creighton, (18)Villanova, (50)Syracuse and (76)Vermont are more impressive. Drexel’s biggest negative is that they finished 4th in the CAA, but those road wins are HUGE, especially the Creighton win late in the season.

  11. At Georgetown and at Toledo are #1 seeds; Nova and Syracuse are #9 and #6 seeds. you can’t only look at rpi – SU and maybe both teams need to win a few more games

  12. Toledo is a #1 seed??? Where, in the MAC tourny? BFD. Oh…and Drexel also beat Toledo.

  13. “And there shows Old Dominion’s Achilles: they don’t have a true put-the-ball-in-the-basket player.”

    …and yet ODU went 15-3 in regular conference play. V and BJ didn’t show up last weekend, OK, but come on.

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