Let’s Get It Started (Hah!)

Setting some expectations here…

The banquet last night went as expected; no real surprises. I’ll eventually provide some interesting tidbits. As you may expect, afterwards a couple of Stellas were involved and I left my notes on a bar stool. So I’m going to have to track that down again.

Not sure what it means but the one thing I remember is Moss’ Dubmen arriving in matching khaki pants, blue jackets, and teal ties.


On my way to the businessman’s lunch in about an hour; then Let the Games Begin.

I won’t be toting the laptop this year, so the in-progress stuff won’t be here. But check in late night (or early morning) and I will update and comment. Just want to make sure you’re enjoying things.


The Mainstream Media is calling Semifinal Sunday possibly the most intense day of basketball of all college tournaments. I agree. Consider what is on the line. Note to everyone: I told you that two weeks ago.

This was backed up last night. I spoke to a lot of folks associated with barying schools, and every time the subject on Sunday comes up, there is a smile, a shuffling of the feet, and a muttered comment along the lines of: “uh, wow, hoo.”

Ah yes, it’s that time.


More coffee then I’m off.


~ by mglitos on March 2, 2007.

2 Responses to “Let’s Get It Started (Hah!)”

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  2. does anybody know if lance perique is going to play?

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