The First Time…

Ever I Saw Your Face….am I the only one immediately recalling the old K-Tel commercials featuring this beauty?

I’m Wondering…
Why nobody–and I mean nobody–is talking up Hofstra? All I hear about is ODU is the hottest team in the league. VCU is the champion. Drexel is peaking at the right time.

All true statments.

But Hofstra has the same three guards everybody lavished fabulous gifts and honorariums upon during the season. The Pride split with ODU, Northeastern and Drexel, and beat VCU and George Mason in single gamers. That’s 5-3 against the top six teams not named Hofstra.

I also don’t buy the “tired” theory.

And they have three guys (Davis Sabb, Gadley, Urbutis) inside–only one of which needs his B-game to make them very dangerous.

I’m just saying…


~ by mglitos on February 28, 2007.

5 Responses to “The First Time…”

  1. Hofstra has to play till 11pm on Saturday and be ready at 6pm for ODU, good luck.

  2. As a Hofstra alumnus and fan, I’d like to be the first to agree with you. But no marquee out of conference wins (St. John’s, St. Joe’s and Holy Cross are as good as it gets), plus some terrible losses (Delaware, N’Eastern, Manhattan), plus a 3rd place conference finish plus an RPI in the mid 60’s really hurt any at-large hopes. Oh, and getting killed by Syracuse right after Drexel beat Syracuse also hurts.

    Last year, the Pride had a much better case, complete with a 2nd place CAA finish and an RPI of about 30. Then they made the finals of the CAA tournament, and they still didn’t get the at-large bid.

    So, unfortunately, I think Hofstra is in a “win the tournament or go to the NIT” situation again. And, unfortunately, this year it’s of their own doing.

    If Hofstra had just taken care of business against Delaware and Northeastern, they’d be 24-6 and would be the CAA #1 seed (having beaten VCU head-to-head), with an RPI in the 30’s or 40’s. Then they’d be sitting in a much better position for an at-large bid.

  3. The stats can bend either way for Hofstra. But I think there are a lot of intangibles working for them as well. Don’t underestimate the importance guilt will play on the committee (They are human after all, right?). Even after the Deleware downfall, ESPN was saying “Buy”. Though, they should probably just win the tourny just to be safe, don’t count out a pitty pass. And I mean that in the best possible way.

  4. Even a mediocre game by ONE of their front court players will get the them CAA title. Especially now that Rivera is peaking.

  5. VCU might be a paper tiger, but Hofstra is a tissue-paper tiger.

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