Strangers in the Night

Time for the sprint…the regular season is over and we have what may seem like a free week, but there is way too much to talk about:

1. CAA tourney

2. NCAA tourney

Honestly, I have no idea how to handle or organize it all so be prepared for a spew of information, thoughts, and analysis to be vomited your way. Hopefully it will help your viewing and enjoyment.


First, let’s deal with the end of the regular season…congratulations go out to Anthony Grant and VCU for winning the regular season at 16-2. The Rams’ only losses were at Hofstra and at Old Dominion. No shame there. Break it down however you want, and it means little next week, but one thing deserves noting. Avoiding the banana peel in a deep CAA is laudable.

Second, I was very surprised to see the clear mail-in by George Mason at Nor’Easter. The Patriots were drubbed by a 71-50 score and I don’t believe it was that close. Nobody scored in double figures. I’ll bet your mortgage the theme around Fairfax has turned from Livin’ on a Prayer to Dead or Alive.

Third, cut-and-paste this one: Drexel’s Dom Mejia was 7-10 (4-6 from deep) Saturday in the Dragons’ win over Towson. The kid is getting locked in at the right time. I’m telling you.


I’m watching UConn/Louisville as I type. Connecticut is just plain bad. I thought they were bad earlier this year against Ga. Tech, but they’ve earned the Just Plain tag today.


Your matchups:

The Nooner: #8 William & Mary vs. #9 Georgia State (winner plays Saturday Noon against #1 VCU)

At 2:30: #5 Northeastern vs. #12 Delaware (winner plays #4 Drexel at 2:30)

Sinatra Special: #7 Towson vs. #10 UNCW (winner plays Saturday Sinatra Special against #2 Old Dominion)

Friday Nite Lights–8:30: #6 George Mason vs. #11 James Madison (winner plays #3 Hofstra at same bat time, new bat channel)

Side note–Sinatra special? Old people, who love Sinatra, eat dinner at 4:30. You’ll be clear from dinner.

We’ll talk about these games later in the week. I have to finish this, build a fire, and do some laundry.


The Friday games will be streamed through the CAA web site. Head over there. Later this week I’ll provide a link.

Saturday and Sunday are Comcast games on CN8.

Monday, of course, is an ESPN game.


I’ll be speaking at the CAA Luncheon on Friday at 11:00am. Cost is $10 and it gets you lunch and entry into the first session. Tom O’Connor spoke last year, and while I’m no Tom O’Connor, I’ll be talking about the book, the process, and likely tell a few stories.

Contact the CAA at 804/755-7000 for tickets, or head over to their site.

There is no truth to the rumor that tickets were $15 before I agreed to speak.

None that can be confirmed.


This is the point where I start to lose organization on this friggin blog. I have so much more to discuss but also five days to do it. Anyway, those of you in The Legion that have something specific you know my email address. Ask away.

Meanwhile, I’m going to hit send and grab a bottle of Stella and a bottle of Downey.

Even though it’s tourney time, I’m still preaching balance.


Final call: I’m happy to serve as Opinionated Richmond Guy and give restaurant and region selections for those of you hitting town.


Okay, so I admit to being a bit harried when selecting the All CAA teams. Heck, I completely forgot about Coach of the Year.

I stick by my teams, save one. Leaving Adam Payton off the third team was an oversight. Upon rethinking, I find myself in a four man connundrum for one spot: Vladie Kools, Todd Hendley, Payton, and Chaz Crawford.

I have to go with Payton to just slip by Kuljanin. Make that one edit and we’re good to go.

As for coach of the year, this isn’t even a discussion: Anthony Grant from VCU. The discussion enters when you talk about those finishing second.

I love what Tony Shaver has done down in the Burg, but to get his team to fifth among all manner of problems gives Poor Bill Coen my vote. Absolutely wonderful job by Coen and though he will finish second in the voting, he deserves a standing ovation.

My tally:

1. Grant
2. Coen
3. Shaver
4. Taylor
5. Ross


Now Duke/St. John’s is on the tube, and I’m bored by it. Already.


~ by mglitos on February 25, 2007.

7 Responses to “Strangers in the Night”

  1. I know Bill&Mary had a better year, but c’mon. Shaver in front of Blaine, what a joke. You have an awesome blog(read it daily), but sometimes your “bias” shows. I know you went to VCU(and probably don’t like ODU too much, which is understandable,b/c I can’t stand VCU),and I think it gets in the way of you looking at the conference as a journalist. Anyway, I love the blog, and the book is great(fun read). Blaine behind Shaver, give me a break! He out coached him yesterday during the last five minutes of the game, and it wasn’t even close. The two plays Shaver tried to run towards the end of the game(after timeouts) were pathetic. Shaver is a good coach/person, but not better than Blaine. Definately this year.

  2. Best recent news re:Hofstra is Rivera has found his offensive game at the right time…if he is cooking watch out!

  3. Blaine took a team that was 12-7 and has them all but a lock for the NCAA tourney. Especially after losing two four year starters. I have no problem with Grant, but Taylor deserves equal respect.

    Also Brandon Johnson should be considered for 3rd team, he has been as valuable to ODU as anyone.

  4. So if Blaine outcoached Shaver….

    And ODU beat W&M by 5….

    I wonder how much better W&M is that ODU:)

  5. I’m so sick hearing about W&M. The Drexel win was nice(at home), but who cares if you beat GMU in fairfax(they were looking ahead to the ODU game). W&M got sweep by VCU,ODU, and Hofstra. Wow how impressive, 1-7 against the top four teams in the conference. Maybe they should get a bye Fri., and the conference will flip a coin to see who loses their bye(b/c W&M played so well this year. Blaine has the better mustache.

  6. 1-6

  7. wow. sorry you didn’t get in to w&m, but surely there are better targets for anger than the woebegone tribe hoops program. here in the ‘burg, we’re just happy that our conference tourney seed has a single digit.

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