Talk is Cheap

Sorry, time was ugly…

Tom Pecora, stumping for Loren Stokes as conference POY, noted that Stokes was runner up to Cory Cofield for ROY, second to Alex Loughton for POY, then second to JJ Barea for POY. Interesting silver medals: to a player whose career busted, to a junior POY, and then to a guy in his first year in the conference.

On gearing up for a run in Richmond and his season: “I don’t think we’ve played our A game yet. We’re 20-8 and we haven’t hit our stride yet. It’ll be frustrating (to win that many games) and feel like we haven’t played well yet.”


Bill Coen, on his seniors: “You hear a lot of times when there’s a changeover in coaching staff there’s rough waters. But these guys have opened their hearts and their minds and tried to be leaders for this team. Those guys (Bennett Davis, Adrian Martinez, and Bobby Kelly) were complimentary guys in the past and we asked them to do more and different things. Luckily for me and my staff they’ve been willing to try to wear that new hat. They’ve done it admirably.”


If I had a dollar for every time Anthony Grant has said “we’re taking it one game at a time,” I could retire and devote my time to this blog. Many of you are thankful there is no official count.

Grant, on JMU: “They give you effort for 40 minutes and that’s impressive.”

On his team taking it one game at a time: “We realize who we are, that our talent level is not very different from anyone else in this league.”


Blaine Taylor, on BracketBusters: “It’s hard to look at this entire picture and come up with a rock solid analysis. For us to beat the MAC leader and for Drexel to beat as tough a team (as Creighton) and as tough a situation, and Hofstra beating a first place team, we kind of did our job. People realize VCU is already good. I don’t think we busted out, but we showed our top teams well.”

I absolutely loved this one. Taylor is not a coachspeak kind of guy. You can usually count on a straightforward answer. That’s why this one is so hysterical. On prognosticators picking on the JMU loss, Taylor said:

“Somebody wins that plays really hard and really good.”


Pat Kennedy hates the whole lobbying for players. “I’m more concerned with how we’re doing as a team.”

Tommy Breaux is traveling this week but is still sick and running a temperature.


~ by mglitos on February 20, 2007.

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