Let’s Call This

Sonny Rollins when he played with Monk. I’m telling you.


I awoke this morning feeling pretty good about life. It was the first time since Saturday I slept more than four hours–this sickness has WAY overstayed its welcome–and I knew we’d progressed towards at large euphoria while my attention was elsewhere last night. (Well okay, I snuck in an early second half score update from the VCU/Dub game while nobody was looking…)

Alas, I was smacked in the face by the score: William & Mary 60, Drexel 47. I had no issue with the Tribe’s 60–it was exactly as I had predicted. No, the fried-egg-eyes were the 47 after Drexel. Had to be a mistake I thought. You know how ESPN.com sometimes screws up the score reporting. So I hit refresh. Same thing. I hit CTRL/Refresh. Same thing.

My first thought was this: Dom Mejia was 3-11, wasn’t he? (Another click showed me 2-7…) So I picked apart the boxscore. Since I didn’t see or hear or have a friend call me who saw or heard, I had to find something to explain it. All I could hit was that the Tribe’s Steven Hess–a guy I might’ve heard of and I first wondered if he’s on the roster because his brother’s name is Adam–had more assists in 10 minutes than Bashir Mason (you know, Drexel’s point guard) had in 37 minutes.

But hey–congrats go out to Shaverthatmoustache, and I mean that. They’ve won at Mason and beaten Drexel in their 8-8 run. It isn’t a fluke. And you know what else? Take the teams and perceptions and histories out of it, and there shouldn’t be much surprise in the fourth place team losing to the tied-for-fifth place team on the Tied Team’s home court.

Come to think of it, I enjoyed a fine wine last night. I should’ve known. (See: prediction.)


That game also underscores the razor thin margin for CAA teams fighting for at large credibility.

Take the ACC. If fourth place Virginia goes to Cameron and loses to tied for fifth Duke is it a bad loss? Fourth place Big Easter Louisville loses in the Carrier Dome to the Fightin’ Boeheims damning?

Of course not. And I actually think that’s not exactly an apples to apples comparison. Drexel (or ODU or VCU) is not being compared to at large-cement blocks from the BCS conferences. They are being compared to the middle-of-the-pack teams.

Two items: Drexel won at Syracuse, but that is merely coincidence. Importantly, what I’m trying to impart is that the CAA is a deeper conference than people give credit. It reminds me of Tom Yeager talking to his designated NCAA selection committee rep about Hofstra’s nonconference schedule last year. Yeager wanted to know about Indiana’s noncon sked, because in his mind you can’t ask about one without asking about the other.

Same thing here: you can’t give one set of teams a bunch of free passes and not the others. Kinda skews the whole “equal footing” argument we always hear, no?

That’s why I like to call the middling BCSers phonies.


Note Three
And because of all of that–because I will never, ever believe conference is not taken into account–VCU and ODU have to win out and play on Monday. Bracket Buster Saturday is critical.

This is also why I’m taking an approach of just rooting for CAA teams to win and not bother with the bubble teams, RPI, SOS, opponents opponents and crap like that. Too many others do that and do it well.

Oh, I’ll still cite it, but I refuse to follow it. A couple losses makes all that work moot.

(Side note: I wonder how long that pronouncement will last.)


~ by mglitos on February 15, 2007.

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