I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night

I’ll check in coupla times today; it’s one of those days, and tonight I’m spoken for. Hey, I love college hoops as much as anyone, but let’s get serious here…somehow The Chairman is appropriate for today…


Courtside for Hofstra/ODU, and here’s what I jotted in my game notes:

*This place can get really loud at random times (re: an ODU hoop to cut a six point HU lead to four…)

*Lidonde looks lost (re: missed shots and nowhere on offense, Ziggy Sestokas burning him on defense. Ziggy Sestokas! second re: methinks his second half was better!)

*Sam Harris has turned into a sideshow act and that’s sad. The kid dropped a four-foot jump hook over a 6-6 player and the crowd reacted like he hit a buzzer beater to win the CAA tourney. Let the kid play basketball.

*Pecora is running all-comers at VV and nobody can even slow him.

*HU is shooting 56% and made all five threes and they are down five at the half. Uh-oh.

*Brandon Johnson is a horse.

*Loren Stokes doesn’t really take bad shots–gets everyone involved. Most unselfish 20ppg scorer I can think of.

*Gerald Lee is just a different player than December. (re: I’m not ready to say this, but I’ll say it. This kid has a chance to make Alex Loughton look regular. He’s going to be very good.)

*Worst call ever: Lidonde had a hold of Agudio’s jersey and Agudio slapped his arm away and got called for the offensive foul. Wow. Second worst call: I think Stokes just took 14 steps and was not called for a walk.

*There were other notes–such as the ODU fan behind me that thought EVERY SINGLE CALL on the evening rooked ODU–but they are of far less importance.


During a media time out, I jotted down the names of the players I thought should be All CAA. The order is the order in which they hit my brain and nothing else. But that fact alone says something, no?

The list read: VV, Thomas, Stokes, Neal, Walker, Maynor, Agudio, Elegar, Mason, Courtney, Perique, BDavis, Campbell, JJames, Kuljanin, Rivera, Crawford, Williamson.

That’s 18–which would cover all three teams. I also have not rechecked, so I may have left off someone obvious.


Big note from last night: ODU came out of the tunnel with a swagger. Not a cocky, jumping around “we’re going to wear you out” posturing swagger. But a sense of purpose swagger. And considering Hofstra turned the ball over only seven times and shot 12-19 from three, I believe it.


They serve Chick-Fil-A at the Ted. This fact alone makes it one of the best venues in the country.


~ by mglitos on February 14, 2007.

6 Responses to “I Couldn’t Sleep a Wink Last Night”

  1. Lidonde was definitely better in the second half. He had like nine points in 30 seconds.

    Vasylius is a monster.

    Watch out for ODU.

  2. As an ODU student who is a regular at the B-Ball games I can confirm Sam Harris is a side show act. It’s just the way it is. We’ve given up on his ability as a scholarship player and just like to get behind him. He’s our hope. But a failed one at that. That four foot hook shot that you speak of, if you remember, he didn’t even look as if he was going to take it until he heard the crowd. It’s that way anytime Harris makes something, fouls someone etc. Me and my friend who were at the game made the comment that if we we’re in the locker room, there would be some serious tension. If I was Dahi, Val, or Williamson I would wanna know why this guy gets all the love when we do all the work. Not that those three don’t get love at the TED but it’s nowhere near what Sam gets.

    As for the TED. I have no doubt that we have the loudest, most intense crowd in the CAA. The actual layout of the TED helps, there isn’t a horrible seat in the place and your RIGHT on the court no matter what. And yes, every foul at the TED is wrong. If you were a home fan, would you want it any other way.

    Last note. If you watched ODU and Hofstra warm up it was two completed different teams Hofstra was dedicated, ODU not so much so, they had it in their mind they were going to win, Hofstra must have warmed up for 25 minutes straight, very organized. Lastly, the game was odd for the fact that you couldn’t pay Hofstra to hit free throws and I could shoot better outside shots than ODU did the first 30 minutes of the game. Other than that, LETS GO DANCING

  3. Sam Harris has upside and his play has improved steadily, and I’m looking forward to seeing him play next year.

    He has a maxi-Rudy reputation at ODU, which is going to be hard to shake with Lee developing so quickly. A few 10 point + games next season and case closed.

    No matter what, his size, relative to other CAA forwards, makes other CAA teams change their game plans, not so with the likes of G’town-Hibbert and such but you get the point. He has great value for ODU.

  4. do they serve Chic-Fil-A at sunday Lady Monarch games?

    I know that the owner of CFA is a bit of a Bible thumper and makes the stores close on sundays, just wondering if that extends to other venues. (not saying it would be wrong or that he shouldnt, just curious)

  5. *Gerald Lee is just a different player than December. (re: I’m not ready to say this, but I’ll say it. This kid has a chance to make Alex Loughton look regular. He’s going to be very good.)

    Twice previously, you said that Lee was a stiff. I takes you a while to catch on…….but what can you expect from a VCU guy.
    And you really blew it on Drexel. Even with a win over W&M, Drexel had no shot at an at large bid out of 4th place in the CAA. Those who know college BB knew that.

  6. Leave Sam alone, you don’t see his value watching 2 games a year. So people get excited when he gets on the floor. He knows his role and was as dominating on defense at Drexel as we had all year.

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