Won’t Back Down

I have a problem today, this I know…

I want to lay out my case for a phony and how assumptions allow phonies to be selected.

I’m not saying (this team) won’t win their way into the dance, but let’s just look at the numbers instead of assuming. I’m just saying look, and test yourself. Don’t cheat.

Rank these three in terms of who you would personally select first, second, and third.

Here are the three teams:

Overall RPI: 45
Overall SOS: 107
Record, Top 50: 1-3
Record, Top 100: 3-4
Record, #100-200: 8-1
Nonconf Record: 10-1
Nonconf SOS: 296
Nonconf RPI: 71
Record, Road/Neutral: 7-4
Record, Last 10: 6-4

Overall RPI: 46
Overall SOS: 143
Record, Top 50: 1-1
Record, Top 100: 4-4
Record, 100-200: 9-0
Nonconf Record: 8-3
Nonconf SOS: 158
Nonconf RPI: 76
Record, Road/Neutral: 10-3
Record, Last 10: 9-1

Overall RPI: 47
Overall SOS: 103
Record, Top 50: 1-1
Record, Top 100: 6-4
Record, 100-200: 6-2
Nonconf Record: 7-2
Nonconf SOS: 21
Nonconf RPI: 8
Record, Road/Neutral: 11-3
Record, Last 10: 6-4


~ by mglitos on February 9, 2007.

14 Responses to “Won’t Back Down”

  1. I’m taking C.

  2. I got the book in the mail today – really looking forward to reading it.

  3. Oh its clearly got to be C(ODU). Thank you for finally showing without names why the Monarchs are the clear choice for the CAA at-large!

  4. I’m taking B.

  5. gimme C- ODU!

  6. B or C…both definitely look better than A

  7. “C” is 6-4 in the last 10, ODU is not.

  8. Gentlemen, it’s me, only forgetting my password to log in as me:

    TEAM A is the #4 Big East West Virginia Mountaineers…of the high seed, guaranteed WVU team.

    TEAM B is VCU

    TEAM C is Drexel

    Like I said, let’s spot the phony? Still think the committee pays no attention to team names and conferences?

  9. Seven in a row, all by double digit margins. Tuesday night’s game presents major at large possibilities. Let’s hope Mason and Hofsrta play a triple OT game at 4.

  10. Drexel’s the phony, lost to ODU by 27 and 10. Like for someone to explain that one to me. Does head to head matchups not count with the selection committee.

  11. I would go with C based on that criteria.

  12. Unfortunately, VCU and Drexel don’t have the ability to get a home game w/UCLA…looks like WVU took themselves off the bubble, for now

  13. Spot on, Stiles.

  14. I’ll take team C

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