Jive Talkin’

I’m starting to think the CAA needs to hire a PR firm…and I mean by that a crack unit used to national spin and can inundate the public with the good information while at the same time sweeping under the rug the “not so good stuff.” Kinda like what Dubya has for this war thing.

Here’s what I mean: we’re going to start talking–in about 28 seconds–at large bids. We’re going to start talking about resumes and things like SOS, OOC, RPI, W, L, MVC, ETC.

And exactly NOBODY is going to be wrong.

Each of the three teams who can lay claim to the possibility of an at large bid–VCU, ODU, and Drexel–has its highlights and holes.

That’s why we need a Talking Points sheet.

(Side note: Hofstra’s tenuous, Vaseline grip on their dental floss at large chances went out the window with last night’s Drexel loss. But don’t forget the Pride–they are built to win three in three.)

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got:

We love the win-out scenario of the CAA champ being 17-1, 26-4 going into the CAA tourney. How do you turn away the regular season champ of the Cinderella conference with a gaudy record and RPI in the 40s? Even at 16-2, 25-5 it is a compelling case.

We like the no losses to teams outside of the top 100 stat, and the road record. It seems funny saying they were willing to go to St. Thomas in November, but think about that from a purely in the gym perspective.

We don’t like a nonconference SOS of 158 and no true marquee victory (#65 Houston is the best.).

We love the marquee OOC victories, and don’t buy salty fans’ assessment that those victories don’t mean as much. The middle of the pack BCS teams are either good and Drexel’s wins are credible, or they aren’t. You can’t say they are not good wins and then argue Villanova should be in the dance. It’s Nova and Syracuse at their barn. How many times did the word “road” come out of Craig Littlepaige’s mouth last year?

We love that they posted a quality road win on teevee in February. We also love that they are going to Creighton next Saturday for a very Patriot-esque Bracket Busters game.

We like that by winning out the Dragons are 22-6.

We don’t like Rider. Not on our insurance policies or on Drexel’s slate.

We don’t like that they could win out and still finish fourth in the conference. That’s a very odd statistic.

Old Dominion
We love that they are red hot in February. By winning out, the Monarchs will finish 10-0 in their last 10, with six on the road.

We love the at Georgetown win, if only because Georgetown is surging as well.

We don’t like the best OOC win other than Georgetown is #121 UAB.

We like the name recognition.

We don’t like VCU and Hofstra back-to-back. I don’t care how well you’re playing, that’s no easy task.

We really don’t like the mediocre RPI. I will point out that math isn’t my strong suit, so I have no idea where it could end up.


Speaking of “where it ends up…” Who the hell knows? I do know this: it is critical for everyone above that the entire conference–not just the three teams above–have a great Bracket Busters Saturday.

I also know we’re all asking for a lot of things to fall into place. I don’t know the combination of things, and neither does anyone that gets paid to analyze it. (See: Air Force and Utah State.)

Just keep rooting for the “right team” to win.


Note how the top four shake out in the final two weeks very closely. Two of the three teams fighting for an at large will face one another in the semifinals, which theoretically would eliminate the loser. Then again we all thought that last year and you saw how that worked out.


Hey, we’ve got some Saturday games. I will note for your planning purposes and for my ego that NEXT Saturday I’ll be doing a double-dip for the all-important Bracket Busters. I’ll be hanging with the folks at Mason in early afternoon, then heading down I-95 to catch VCU/Bradley in the evening.

Track me down and say hello.

(It’s funny how Fridays can turn your mood around in a hurry.)

And speaking of bad segways, VCU has to turn around in a hurry and travel to ODU. Night game, bus, nooner. The conundrum is teevee exposure versus 50 hours for two games.

It burned Hofstra, who lost at Northeastern on a Saturday on the back end of a THU overtime win over Drexel. To ensure fairness, it burned Drexel on that same day. The Dragons were flat out mauled by ODU the Saturday after the Hofstra game. Even ODU faced a similar plight: the Monarchs lost to Hofstra on a Monday teevee’r after a Saturday victory over Mason.

I know Anthony Grant’s not exactly pleased right now.

Georgia State at Towson: You know, I’m in a good mood and I cannot muster up wit for this one. (Insert: what was your problem with the others? here…)
Final Call: Towson Tigers 71, Georgia State Panthers 60

Delaware at Drexel: There are so many people more qualified than me to talk about this rivalry. It always seems close to me. I Am Sam McMahon has earned my vote for first team All CAA Guys I Like. It’s kind of like the All Madden Team, only without the trading cards.
Final Call: Tired Legs 67, Tired of Losing 58

Northeastern at James Madison:The Poor Bills are 0-13 on the road and 0-2 on neutral floors. The Dukes don’t get the support they used to, so I’m thinking the toughest decision is whether or not Nor’Easter goes 0-3 on neutral floors or 0-14 on the road. This is my give up game: I’ve been very close to giving up on Senor Crankypants twice before, and I’m on that ledge again. He’s 2-0.
Final Call: Lox 73, Bagels 68

William & Mary at UNCW: I have no idea what Vegas says about this one, but here’s what you need to ask yourself…when was the last time you even had to think about who would win when The Tribe traveled to Trask? Hoo-boy. (Check out those w’s and t’s…)
Final Call: Forts 69, Battleships 65

Hofstra at George Mason: I will be there. ESPN will be there. It’s funny, people are restless that the #2 team is playing the #5 team on the ESPN game. They forget that last year’s VCU/ODU game was played to break a fifth place tie. A sold out barn is a sold out barn. It’s up to Mason to get some students shirtless and painted. Interesting game…long, long way for Hofstra to travel after a late, overtime game. Mason just didn’t look overwhelming. I’ll take the guards, but this will be a ragged game.
Final Call: A-gu-gu-gudio 65, Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-larranaga 61

VCU at Old Dominion:I wrote as much garbage as I possibly could, because I know The Legions have been awaiting what I have to say about this one. And here’s it: this game will live up to the VCU/ODU rivalry standard. The Ted will be packed, the rims 10 feet, the fans off the hook, the players juiced, the coaches intense, and something will happen. It always does. This game is easily overanalyzed so I’ll stick with the useless generalities I just wrote and you should too. Just enjoy this game for what it is: great college basketball.
Final Call Wednesday 74, Thursday 71


~ by mglitos on February 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Jive Talkin’”

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  2. Love the blog, but I can’t agree with you on Hofstra being built to win three in three days. Not with that lean rotation. We’ve got a tough time winning two games in three days (albeit with travel thrown in) and a third game in a span of five days (see Delaware). I’ll be shocked if this team wins three games in three days in three weeks.

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