You Can’t Hurry Love

This is the way things oughta be scheduled…get all the heavyweight games together. Kind of makes you think the whole Choice Game, or whatever they called it for Sunday Night Football, was brilliant.

I don’t have much, because I don’t have much time.

George Mason at VCU: My opinion here hasn’t changed. It’s a bad matchup for Mason. Will Thomas needs 15 and 10; Folarin Campbell needs 16; and some other guy has to make four three pointers for Mason to overcome the matchup issue. And that’s assuming VCU doesn’t bring it. Too much “if” for the Patriots.
Final Call: East Roanoke 75, North Fredericksburg 65

Drexel at Hofstra: For the good of the league, Hofstra should lay down. Despite being in fourth place, the Dragons still have the best at large resume. I don’t see Pecora giving Arminas Urbutis 36 minutes because Yeager says so. Even if Blaine Taylor calls Pecora, saying “Tom, let’s take a look at the standings for a moment together,” it ain’t happenin.
Final Call: 28 in a row 58, Where’s Robert Battle? 54


~ by mglitos on February 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “You Can’t Hurry Love”

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  2. How does Drexel have the best at large resume? They beat Syracuse, woohoo, a middle of the road big east team that won’t make the tourney. They beat intown rival Villanova, which they should do once in a while.

    Drexel has been falling apart for sometime now, the committee takes into consideration your last ten games, and there are 3 other CAA teams that are playing MUCH better ball.

    ODU has a better resume, for the simple fact they beat Drexel twice convinvingly, and own a road win at McDonough, and are on a six game streak, winning all games by double digit margins.

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