Shining Star

Thanks to a cancelled interview and moved deadline, I finally got an hour this morning to catch up on my reading. Granted, the insomnia was a big help in this endeavor as well, but who’s counting, right?

You, The Legion, know my fondness for my own blog. Outside of this garbage, errrrr, insightful analysis, there are a few blogs I frequent–midmajority, those associated with the conference, etc.. Another fave is Ken Pomeroy. That guy has stats and their relation to the game figured out.

Quickly today as I start the real job, you have to check this out. Really. Go read it.

His Rulebook Rewind is interesting, but what really caught me was his 2/2 Hurricane Dicta entry. I suggest you print, cut, and post this entry somewhere near your teevee or computer. It should be required thought process from November through March.

Man, if I stopped trying to be Henny Youngman I could write that stuff. (Inside joke…)


Predict…sorry Ken…Absolute statements coming later…


~ by mglitos on February 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “Shining Star”

  1. FYI – I was watching some college hoops last night on ESPN, and they mentioned that LAST YEAR’s final four teams at THIS point in the season, had RPI’s of 6 (Florida), 17 (LSU), 26 (UCLA), and 33 (George Mason). This year, at #33 is V.C.U.
    Then they mentioned how the C.A.A. top teams are having a pretty darn good year…do I hear 1 or 2 at-large teams in the dance????

  2. ?

    VCU isn’t at #33 in the rpi

    I wish they were, but they just aint

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