Rush (For a Change of Atmosphere)

I rushed through a meeting to catch the second half of the Coach Speak Brunch. I jumped in soon enough to hear Benny Moss talk about his team’s youth, and how they don’t have upperclassmen to teach them how to be college players. His guys are giving that extra effort. That’s what I’m trying to do here. (Side note: what a crock!)


Dean Keener, on the Delaware victory and what he’s telling his players: “It’s nice to get a win on the road but let’s add some meaning to it.” The Dukes have William & Mary and Northeastern at home in their next two games. By meaning, he meant “more wins.”

On playing the Tribe twice in seven days: “It makes scouting a bit easier, but we’re as concerned with ouselves as much as the oppponent.”

Jim Larranaga, sounding tired and (sorry Dean) cranky, on the key play in the Patriots’ overtime loss to ODU “…better rebound defense on their second to last three pointer.” Remember Drew Williamson missed and Arnaud Dahi grabbed the long rebound prior to his dagger.

On Darryl Monroe: “We thought he was going to replace Jai Lewis (but it turns out) he is a different player with a different approach to the game than we thought…in fairness to him we expected too much early on. In the last month he’s begun to feel confident and comfotable…we’ve accepted the fact that he’s not going to be powering the ball.”

On ODUs Drew Williamson: I’m not going to steal Rich Radford’s thunder–it was Radford’s question. But Larranaga had a few things to say about him. I’ll post a link when Rich gets it on his blog or in a column. (There is honor among theives…)

Pat Kennedy, as genial as ever:
“The thing that can get you run out of the tournament quickly is giving up a ton of threes.”

“I don’t want shooters worrying about a slump. If you have Chris Mullin, you have Chris Mullin. You keep building their confidence…they believe more in you and you believe more in them. Confidence is a big thing.”

On the at large: “(They) are more and more stressing your last 10 games. Are you healthy. Bringing your best team into the tournament. Quality wins and quality losses. I’ve sat in on committees. They want to see your confident enough that you’re not afraid to play on the road.”

Monte Ross, on overconfidence: “I don’t think we wre full of ourselves because in our position we can’t afford to be full of anything.”

On Drexel shooting woes: “We’re like Tylenol–everybody gets better against us. They’ll probably shoot well against us.”

What you also missed was Bruiser Flint ranting–well, let me stop a second. It wasn’t really a rant. You know how Bru gets when he’s passionate. Let’s put it this way: I’m not skilled enough on the keyboard to keep up with his words, so I have to summarize.

Basically Flint launched into his position on the possibility of the CAA getting an at large berth. Flint spent two minutes talking about how everyone is selling the conference short by talking about one at large team. He feels teh CAA has a shot at two at large.

“We have to stop being satisfied with two teams (in the tournament),” he said. “We have a chance to get (three) teams in. We’ve got to stop shorting ourselves.”

Love that guy Bruiser.


~ by mglitos on February 6, 2007.

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  1. ODU/GMU – Wasn’t it Brandon Johnson that got the long rebound on the missed three at the end of regulation and then got the ball to Dahi for his three.

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