Video Killed the Radio Star

Me and The Beautiful One are jumping into Teh Jepp (my 2002 Jeep Wrangler) and heading for The Island late this afternoon. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to DC traffic, Baltimore traffic, Philadelphia traffic, NJ Turnpike traffic, New York traffic, and Island traffic.

So I’m cranking through work today, hoping to slip out early so that I don’t check into the hotel with just enough time to shower and grab coffee before tipoff. The CDs are packed and the tank full. I’m ready to roll as soon as possible.

That said, we’re going to be quick.


I didn’t think it was possible, but I found myself saying on the radio last night that ODU has kind of flown under the radar this year. My point was this: after the Georgetown win, they’ve won all the games they were supposed to win (JMU notwithstanding, which helps people forget you), and lost all the games they were supposed to lose.

The Monarchs hung around in third or fourth place while everybody talked about Drexel, VCU, and Hofstra. Last night’s beating of Drexel on the Dragons’ home floor was their statement game for the conference season. Notably, it appears Arnaud Dahi has decided to once again suit up for Blaine Taylor. His 14 points were fine, but the 17 boards is impressive. With Dahi it’s all about whether or not he feels like playing. He’s got some “want-to” now, and ODU fans should hope it sticks with him.

On the other side, I can’t figure out the issue with Drexel. I think I have it boiled down to the combination of Dom Mejia having a poor senior season and Chaz Crawford taking only four shots a game.

Teams need guys that can just flat out score. And I’m not talking about Will Thomas score. I’m talking a guy that can shoot, drive, slash, and step back beyond the arc and put it in the basket. Big men don’t count because you can game plan them: if you double, your defense adjusts. You can do that because Will Thomas is going nowhere quickly, and when he does it sure isn’t going to be far. But you can’t apply a standard defensive rotation if you’re never sure where the offensive guy is going to be, or importantly where he is going to be next.

Look at the top of the standings: VCU (Walker/Shuler) and Hofstra (Stokes/Agudio) have it. When Mason wins, it is usually because Campbell or Carter have done something similar. Heck, Delaware got that kind of performance from Brian Johnson in its win against Hofstra.

And that’s not what Drexel is getting from Mejia.

As for Crawford, it’s easy to make yourself okay with his lack of shots when you’re winning. But when you’re not you need to think back to October 15 when Bruiser said he needs Crawford to become more of an offensive weapon. He wasn’t saying that because it sounded good. He was saying that because it is true.


All six games tomorrow are on the teevee. Get a jump on your Super Bowl Sunday by first going to Your Game and then sitting back and watching the others on the tube.

Look, if the only two hours (outside of food prep and bathroom time) you get off your couch this weekend is to go to a CAA game, you’ve taken one step closer to nirvana, or at least part of my concept of nirvana.

That’s impressive no matter how you want to spin it. I also smell a theme…


There Are Predictions, And Then There’s What I Think Will Happen
Big difference. I’m too busy making jokes to put any time into analysis.

James Madison at Delaware: I’m glad this one gets on the tube to get us to six-for-six, but this is reeking of Coprock or any school’s Coach’s Show. There will be interested parties, but they are either die hards or desperate for entertainment. It’s the nooner on CN8 so we’ll go with Savannah State This Week. I have faith in Senor Crankypants.
Final Call: ESPNU 74, ESPN360 69

Georgia State at VCU: This is the 2:00 CN8 game and reminds me of a specific episode of Diff’rent Strokes. Arnold was being picked on by The Gooch and went to Willis for help. Unfortunately Todd Bridges used up his eligibility years ago, and there’s that whole police thing. GSU will get bullied.
Final Call: The Gooch 75, Gary Coleman 61

Northeastern at Hofstra: The Huskies are kind of like the show News Radio. Nobody ever made a big deal out of it, but it was good stuff. Not great, but good and solid and enjoyable to watch. And the Poor Bills get a good team starting to gell, kind of like The Office.
Final Call: Scranton 78, Chicago 65

Towson at Drexel: Both of these teams remind me of the second season of My Name is Earl. Lots of expectations and you come away saying “eh,” even though you laugh out loud occassionally. I’m thinking Bruiser is a Pecora-like mad after last night and will have a few choice words for his team.
Final Call: Crab Man 67, Katalina 62

UNCW at William & Mary: We’re going to flip our Television Themed Predictions over to HBO for a moment and catch the movie Titanic. This game is a matchup of the Tribe with its enthusiasm and modeate success this season keeping people smiling in the Burg–much like just after Leo wins the poker game to get on the boat. The Dub is having a horrific season, kind of like that guy that is the rich guy’s second hand man–crusty, and no matter what he does he ends up losing. Yeah, I see that here.
Final Call: Pre Iceberg Jack Dawson 63, The Henchman 58

Old Dominion at George Mason: I can’t think of any better descriptor for Mason than this: they are the last season of Seinfeld. Once the toast of the country, and now just a middle of the pack CAA team who still gets good ratings. ODU has been waiting for a choice time slot in which to showcase itself. After this victory, they have done it.
Final Call: Hill St. Blues 61, Hello…..Folarin 57


~ by mglitos on February 2, 2007.

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