Back in Time

I feel like it’s October 15 again. Hofstra’s three guards were superb in the Pride’s 79-68 victory over VCU last night. AA hit for 30 points (giving him 64 in the past two meetings against VCU) and Loren “Loren” Stokes netted 21. In the battle of great guards Hofstra won going away, which is something you would’ve said in October.

When asked about his success against VCU, Agudio shrugged, saying he gets up for everybody. Tom Pecora broke up the media room by nudging Agudio and dryly saying “yeah, except Delaware.” It’s a funny comment after you’ve just knocked off the league’s unbeaten. I’m also thinking it was the nicest thing Pecora said to his team in three days.

Similarly, Mason beat the Monte out of Delaware 82-52 and Shaverthatmoustache slipped past Senor Crankypants 65-62. In fact, other than the Dub’s 72-60 beatdown in the ATL, if you didn’t know better it actually WAS October.

Some ugly kid came to my door asking for candy.


I spoke to Old Dominion play-by-play dude John Castleberry today and he tells me there’s no reason to think Blaine Taylor will play a ton of zone tonight. Sure, a little of that 3-2 that Taylor loves so much will be sprinkled into the mix, but it isn’t like the Monarchs had much of a struggle last time out. Game plan should the same: beat us from the outside.


Since today is February 1, I can talk about certain stuff. One item I didn’t call out yesterday in my well-timed hook is the whole value of screaming “We’re Number Four!”

Of course, I’m talking about the Pauper Line of the fourth seed avoiding a Friday night play in, errr, opening round game. The five seed will be forced to win four games in four days, but importantly (barring upsets) have to beat three of the top four teams in the conference. That’s a tall order.

Let’s take a look at the contestants. Now, I know I’m going to take some flack for this, but I am leaving VCU (11-1) and Hofstra (10-2) out of the discussion. The reason: currently George Mason sits in the five hole with five losses. The Patriots need to win out AND have either Hofstra finish 3-3 or VCU finish 2-4 to even consider tiebreakers. Besides, if VCU and/or Hofstra collapses that badly going down the stretch, they’re not winning two games, much less three or four. So they are O-U-T.

That leaves us with Drexel, ODU, and George Mason fighting for two spots.

Drexel (8-3) remaining schedule: home ODU, home Towson, at Hofstra, home Delaware, home and at the Tribe, and at Towson. Not too shabby.

Old Dominion (8-3) remaining schedule: at Drexel, at Mason, at Ga. State, home VCU, home Hofstra, home Towson, at The Tribe. Eh, tough stretch coming up.

George Mason (7-5) remaining schedule: home ODU, at VCU, home Hofstra, at Delaware, home Georgia State, at Poor Bills. Uh, this may not be a conversation 10 days from now. In fact, Ye Olde Patritos probably should worry more about Towson (6-6) catchnig them for the five seed.

I know this: it’s going to be fun watchnig the Top Four get after each other going down the stretch.


~ by mglitos on February 1, 2007.

5 Responses to “Back in Time”

  1. Mason won 89-59, not 82-52

  2. If ODU steals one on Saturday, they will run the table, and possibly take the conference at 15-3. They will beat VCU. They are playing at a high level since losing to Madison, and are still playing with a chip on their shoulder after being screwed at the Siegel Center, what a dump.

  3. Yes SC is a big time dump. Talk about dump, probably the best news I heard all season is the new VCU AD is going to dump that VCU bandleader, the TTL guy, after the season. He thinks he is embarrassing to the school. Oh, and by the way, ODU will dump VCU.

  4. I hope you are not insinuating that VCU and Hofstra have the 1-2 seeds locked up. VCU could end up 4th

  5. Did the refs miss all those free throws at the Siegel Center?

    You all should take Mason down tomorrow, because we like to miss open shots against the good teams. There’ll be a welcome mat and mints on the perimeter, as always.

    Regarding the post, I don’t think the 5 [or 6] seed matters to Mason. The depth is among the best in the conference. Following the VCU loss, there was a realization that getting a top 3 seed in the CAA tournament was highly unlikely, signifying that Mason would likely need 3 wins against the top 4 in consecutive nights in Richmond. Fat chance, but I’m hopeful.

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