She’s A Beauty

Today’s theme is all about pimping myself. You’ll see what I mean shortly.

I want to open with a statement about tomorrow. The calendar officially turns to February, which means we get to–officially–start talking about March. This means All CAA teams, late season runs, Bracket Busters, The Bubble, who has done well and who has done poorly, recruiting.

And at large bids.

I’m not making a statment on any of those because it isn’t tomorrow yet. You see, February 1 makes it okay to begin analyzing all of it. Today, you are still a crackpot and talking about something WAY too early. Tomorrow, have at it.

It’s amazing what one day means.


I make my teevee debut tomorrow (outside of that disasterous appearance on Cops) on Virginia This Morning, talking up the book and the conference to a regional audience on Richmond’s version of the Today Show. (Side note: I wish it were the actual Today Show, of only to give me the opportunity to punch Matt Lauer in the teeth.)

This weekend I think I’ve got a gig on MSG, thanks to the fine folks at Hofstra University.

And I’ve been told that a New York Barnes & Noble is sold out and has a waiting list of 30 for the book.

And the self-congrats carry on as we get into the…


UNCW at Georgia State: We don’t have many rules here at caahoops, but this game is screaming the Flip Flop rule. Perry’s Panthers have been playing poorly (note the alliteration, ye editors looking for a creative writer) and The Dub is coming off of a great win. However Georgia State slept in their own beds and The Mossmen are 0-9 on the road this year.
Final Call: I Still Hate Atlanta 64, I Still Love the Beach 60

Delaware at George Mason: I’m still not over Will Thomas getting just six shots the other night. I’m not over Delaware’s beating of Hofstra. And I’m also not over the end of Arrested Development, but that’s a different story. It’s funny–with the wackiness this season has produced, I would call this game the same way now that I would’ve in October. There are few games that will apear on the schedule that way. (Note the ability to find a nugget when there’s nothing to say, ye editors looking for strong writing analysis.)
Final Call: Washington’s Presidential Scene 74, Washington’s Famous River Crossing 58

James Madison at William & Mary: In less than a year these two bitter rivals will go at it on the gridiron in the initial season of CAA football, but that has nothing to do with this blog or basketball in general. This is a winnable game for Senor Crankypants. Shaverthatmoustache, I’m quickly realizing, is the Anti Bruiser: he frequently crouches on the sideline most of the way down his bench, almost imperceptible. It seems no matter where you look, there is Bruiser. Again, really has nothing to do with this game but gives you something to look for. The Tribe is much-improved and it shows.
Final Call: Jimmie Laycock 71, Mickey Mathews 61

Northeastern at Towson: I find it odd that everybody talked about Towson in the preseason and now they are nearly forgotten. The Tigers, though, are an under-the-radar 5-6 in conference and have the same talent everyone feared in October. The Poor Bills carry the odd-looking record of 5-6, 7-15. Fashion note: now that I saw The Tribe the other night, I’ve seen every team in person. Nor’Easter’s road red is the best looking uniforms I’ve seen. Anthony Grant and Tony Shaver are going to get most of the press for coach of the year, but you should reserve a place on your ballots for Poor Bill. In many ways, what he has accomplished is remarkable. All I can say for this game, though, is that it isn’t being played in Matthews.
Final Call: Black Label 66, Red Stripe 59

Old Dominion at Drexel: I know, this one is tomorrow. Making the call today, though, opens up some time in my Thursday. Granted I’m exposed to uncontrollable factors like it’s going to snow and Frank Elegar getting suspended again, but I’m a risk taker. Brandon Johnson has been ridiculously good in the past couple of weeks, coming into his own and, honestly, surpassing Drew Williamson in terms of value for ODU. But in the Really Good Player Development Arc, this is is the speed bump where Bash Mason contains him to nine points, four assists and five rebounds. ODU is exposed underneath if Crawford takes more than five shots.
Final Call: John Daskalaskis 59, Ted Constant 55

VCU at Hofstra: The big games always go last in the order, and I cannot imagine any game bigger than #1 vs. #2. This one is a tea leaves game: last night in Tuesday Henrico County Men’s Basketball action, I was on fire. I hit six of nine from beyond the arc and commented “I feel like BA Walker.” If that’s not a sign of my idiocy and of karma, I don’t know what one is. Add to that the George Litos Home Team rule and the Just Played Badly rule and the choice becomes clear. (Note the ability to tie in the open and the close, ye editors in search of writing craft.)
Final Call: Flying Dutchmen 74, Green Devils 72


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