Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

I’m not sure what’s gotten into me today, but it’s a good thing. Could be the fantastic review or the book’s release being imminent. Might be that I’m headed to Philly for another great CAA matchup–VCU at Drexel–and will try to make it to Towson to see how Tom Pecora plans to defend Gary Neal. Two things I enjoy are CAA hoops and traveling. This weekend is a coup because I get to do both, and The Beautiful One will be alongside.

Maybe it’s just the coffee.


Think the national media is glomming onto the CAA? Articles about VCU and Anthony Grant have popped up on Fox, Sporting News, and ESPN, among other outlets. I wouldn’t be shocked if, while waiting in line at the grocery store, I look over and see The National Enquirer headline reading: “Paris’ New Basketball Coaching Beau!”

Maybe not. (Side note: once again, Kyle Whelliston was days ahead of everybody else. Pay attention to that guy, if only because he was the one guy that was touting George Mason in middle January last year.)

But that brings up another quickie I want to address this morning. A handful of Loyalists have emailed me wondering why I haven’t posted as many links to other sources citing CAA references.

First, you have guys like Rich Radford and Brain Mull doing an outstanding job for their teams. Blog links are to the right. Second, you also have some guys from Drexel that do the CAA Insider–great for recruiting stuff, which I hate. Link to the right as well.

I could also go into a long, detailed, baloney explanation, but it really comes down to one thing: there are too damn many of them. If there are two main things that have come from George Mason’s Final Four run, it is the number of teevee games and the number of articles on this friggin conference. (Cue Nicholoson in A Few Good Men: “I don’t have the time nor the inclination to explain…”)

Besides, most of you are too smart. You already know what some guy from the Minneapolis Star Tribune is going to write. Hell, Yoni Cohen follows this sport and he managed to mangle two player names in his VCU article. You’ll get nothing from some West Coast reporter who got the directive from his editor: “I read something about the CAA on ESPN. Give me 300 words.”


I stand strong behind my view that we are fans and analysts. All that “one game at a time” mess is great for coaches and players, but we have the luxury of that mantra being completely ineffectual on the season.

First, stop it. It’s silly. You know as well as I do you’ve looked ahead and plotted best case and worst case scenarios for Your Team. Admitting that fact isn’t going to impact the team’s concentration or ability to make free throws.

But I understand there are varying levels of therapy necessary for different people, so I will give you a warning: if you are so very afraid of looking ahead on the schedule, stop reading now and skip to the next section.

And keep an eye out for black cats.

That said, we have a great weekend of hoops set up, but I don’t want you to forget one important thing: this is the Kickoff Saturday for the conference’s second swing into SAT-MON-WED-SAT games.

This is doubly-important because we’re crossing the halfway pole this weekend and teams will start positioning themselves and looking at seeding. A rough stretch could prove incredibly hurtful.

Yes, VCU/Drexel is the marquee game tomorrow and Hofstra is playing a potential trap game, but let’s not forget:

Drexel has to go into Mathews to face the Poor Bills on Monday–no easy task coming off Saturday’s war. VCU is also staring at a Monday trap: home to The Tribe after at Drexel and before at Hofstra.

VCU heads to The Island on Wednesday and ODU heads to Philly (technically THU game but you get the point).

And then with everybody running on fumes ODU has to go to Mason and an improving Towson team is at Drexel.

All I’m saying is that there is a lot more going on than tomorrow’s game. Keep your eyes open.


Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow Creeps in This Petty Pace
The last Shakespeare I read, other than my own book, was in my sophomore year in college. This was when Reagan was in office. I may have mangled that quote myself.

Delaware at Nor’Easter: I was listening to the radio this morning and they said it was four degrees in Boston. Fahrenheit. Now, Mathews Arena is usually at four degrees when it’s 70 degress outside. I can’t imagine Harding “Herb” Courtney scoring well while wearing mittens. Monte Ross finds himself in a Midsummer Night’s Dream.
Final Call: Palace of Theseus 60, I Am Sam Quince 51

George Mason at James Madison: Senor Crankypants, we hardly knew ye. This is the kind of game that reinforces things Dennis Green style–they are who we thought they are: GMU good, JMU not so much. Truly a tragedy. Will Thomas shoots 8-11 from teh field and the Patsies head home. If there were ever a dramatis personae in this conference, it would be Jim Larranaga as Julius Ceasar.
Final Call: Et Tu Brute 75, Cassius Swanstonius 58

Hofstra at Towson: Upon further review, I don’t know that Hofstra is the kind of team that can suffer from a trap game. Pecora won’t let that happen. That aside, Towson is quiety playing much better basketball. I can see a Taming of the Shrew here, because Two Gentlemen are better. Valentine nets 28, and Proteus goes for 22 in a high scoring a fun affair. (Note the crossover.)
Final Call: Verona 81, The Lord’s House 76

Georgia State at William & Mary: I need a breather. Shaverthatmoustache has too much and The Tribe rolls in a defensive battle.
Final Call: Mark Antony Shaver 56, Cleoperrytra 52

Old Dominion at UNCW: This is a wrong game at the wrong time matchup. Things are getting very ugly down at the beach and ODU is due its annual Arnaud Dahi Turnaround Game. I had forgotten the three witches were named Vasylius, Marsharee, and Arnaud. And let’s not forget–my Far Side calendar says today is Australia Day. I have no idea what that means, but I think Sam Harris actually scores a field goal tomorrow.
Final Call: Duncan 67, MacBenny 56

VCU at Drexel: There are so many subplots to this one and twists and turns it could take, the only Shakespeare I could think of is Romeo and Juliet. Clearly the heroes could all die in the end, as well. Frank Elegar has to pass out of double teams effectively, and the Drexel defense has to stop the wave of guards VCU will offer. I’m nto sure which way to choose, but let’s put it this way: I’m not callnig Bruiser Flint a woman.
Final Call: Romeo 64, Juliet 62


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