Hump de Bump

First, I want to thank those of you that pointed out my “issue” with home teams in the BracketBusters. I generally think CAA first and everyone else later, which means that every now and then I don’t bother with facts. Kidding of course–a mistake and this is my mea culpa.

What it came down to was that I don’t know why ESPN doesn’t grab Butler and a couple other random mids and add them to a heaping CAA/Valley challenge. (Notice the CAA is listed first.)


Today, we’re going to talk about the concept of team. This is the part two to my reaction to the thrilling Oklahoma State/Texas three-OT barnburner last week. It was actually reinforced the other day while watching Louisville demolish Connecticut despite shooting just 30 percent. (Side note: after getting to see Jim Calhoun up close and personal last year, it never gets old seeing those guys lose.)

I’m absolutely shocked at the number of possessions where these teams run up the court and force the first somewhat-available shot. I’ve never seen so many immediate threes in the Oky State game, and I noticed in the Louisville game the number of time three guys stood around a watched one guy pass to another guy who made a move and shot the ball.

The youth excuse is usually posited and it is bunk. Put a fanny on the bench and that crisis will pass.

Everybody on a team has a role, and standing around is not a role. It takes screeners, rebounders, shooters, and slashers. And they have to work in tandem. Think through that when you have senior guards leading the way, and you’ll eventually get yourself to understanding how easy it is for a mid major to knock off a phony major.

And also why there is this scheduling conundrum. Coaches are smart. Some more than others, but they all know how to protect their hind end.

And we’re not going to get into how much prettier the game is when played in synch.

With that in mind, your Team Oriented prognositcations, with apologies to Kyle. (Hey–I try to have some fun…)

Hofstra at Georgia State: This is another that doesn’t pass the sniff test to me. If possible, Hofstra has quietly done nothing but win games, and you can just see Loren “Loren” Stokes getting better, if that’s possible. I like the team with the better players, despite being on the road.
Final Call: Jimmy Hoffa 71, Mike Vick 64

James Madison at Northeastern: I’m telling you, I’ve never seen anything like what is happening to Poor Bill Coen. He gets Senor Crankypants this week, who has never lost a game in his coaching career. This makes me angry that I trotted out my Kelly Leak reference so early.
Final Call: 2004 JMU Football 78, The Beanpots 74

William & Mary at Old Dominion: I smell this one, too. It’s not going to be pretty. ODU is mad. And in my best Josey Wales: in a “plum mad dog mean” kind of way. They have mad players, mad fans, and a mad coach. Heck, there are a few folks still mad at the separation from the College in the 1960s. Look, my golf swing is far better after I take one angry swing after the three bad swings. This is the swing. The math is easy. The result, not so much.
Final Call: 2009 ODU Football 81, The Bruce Hornsbys 63

Delaware at Towson: This is actually turning into Sniffly Wednesday. See above game, only remove all the references to mad.
Final Call: 2000-2001 Baltimore Ravens 82, 2003 Delaware Football 68

Drexel at UNCW: Definitely Sniffly Wednesday. This game has trap written all over it. Well okay, it has Drexel not performing its best because it’s a long trip to play a team in 11th place and Drexel plays an undefeated team on Saturday so they are thinking of that game and thus this game is far closer than anyone thinks and there is a possible upset written all over it. Either or.
Final Call: 1982-83 Sixers (fo, fo, fo) 58, Screen Actors Guild 54

VCU at George Mason: It’s a matchup thing, and I don’t think it favors the Patriots. This is also a pick that flies in the face of my father’s advice, and we know how those have gone this year. I’m choosing the road team. Besides, the well-deserved ripping of VCUs early season schedule looks ominously like Mason’s five-game streak.
Final Call: 1995 Richmond Renegades 66, Hail to the Redskins 61


~ by mglitos on January 24, 2007.

2 Responses to “Hump de Bump”

  1. pretty good job on the picks

    the corilation between GM losses and the CAAZone going down has become almost commical

  2. 60% (12 of 20) from behind the arc for VCU. For their sake, I hope the reliance on the 3-ball doesn’t make them vulnerable in future games.

    Mason will need to use more of Norwood and Birdsong in the return.

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