Right Here, Right Now

I’ve got a pile for you today, and we’ll start with album references: Arturo Sandoval and Cold Play. If you’re into horns, you can’t miss Sandoval’s work on the trumpet and cornet. Hoo-baby. Andy Garcia played him in a movie about his life. I told you, we’re focuing on making you a more well-rounded person here. You need to trust me on these things.


Am I the only one that feels the season REALLY starts tomorrow? I know we’re one-third of the way home, but we all were kind of coasting, like the first couple rounds of a boxing match.

It just seems haymakers start being thrown tommorrow.


Quickie…Hofstra kept pace at the top of the standings last night with a 79-74 victory over Towson. Antoine Agudio scored 26 and Loren Stokes 25 to pace the Pride. It proves, once again, my theory that:

2. Germans love David Hasselhoff

Here’s the other note for you. I didn’t see the game and only saw the boxscore but I noticed Hofstra shot a season-high 59.1 percent from the floor, including 10-18 from the three-point line. Hofstra also shot 85 percent at the line (17-20).

Translation: they played well and barely beat Towson at home. If Towson starts to play some defense they are going to be a load.

I spoke to UNCW beat writer Brian Mull yesterday and we agreed that Towson has been disappointing so far this year. But if the Tigers ramp up the defense they are going to be scary-good come late February.


Here’s how you carve up stats: JMU is undefeated all time with Senor Crankypants at the helm. Hey, I’m not saying it’s because of me, but I give Dean Keener a nickname, and that night they beat one of the best teams in the conference. Add to that Hofstra is 4-0 when I call Tom Pecora during their walk through.

I’m just saying.


We’re going to talk Monday about this–yes, I think ahead from time to time–but one thing I noticed about the wonderful Texas/Oky State game the other night was the number of possesions that either team came down the court, went one-on-one, and jacked up a three.

We’ll go into detail next week, but consider this when you are watching Your Mid Major Game this weekend. Is it a wonder that senior-led, guard-heavy, team-oriented mid majors continue to knock off BCS teams? (Clip-and-save this note and pull it out in early March when filling out your bracket.)


I didn’t have the time yesterday to recap Wednesday, but in all honesty I need to throw out kudos to JMU for their upset win. A little cranky goes a long way, I guess, which you will see later as well.


Note you may not have known: everybody is talking up VCU and ODU tomorrow, but there is a special story working for the Drexel/Delaware matchup. These two teams don’t like each other, but you cannot say that for the coaches.

Bruiser Flint and Monte Ross have known each other since junior high. Flint, who lost his father last year, called Ross “like a second son to my father.” Their families are very close.

Here’s the deal: I’m not sure I could write about it and give it its proper due. Bruiser Flint is funny, engaging, and open. So it’s especially poignant when he adds serious to his openness.

Listen to Bruiser tell the story. Click into the CAA Basketball Coaches Teleconference section and click on Bruiser’s mug.

Great stuff.


I spoke to Blaine Taylor yesterday about the Big Game tomorrow. There wasn’t much more than coachspeak, as you might imagine. Notable was his belief of the ODU defense needing to rise up. “We need to guard them,” he said. “You can’t set up a press unless you put the ball in the basket.”

Just like Taylor…everybody is talking about the press and he is looking at the item that leads to the press. That’s why he’s on the bench and you are in Row D.

Other item of note: He loves Gerald Lee, but his development is slower than most for a simple reason. Lee is a true freshman in the true sense of freshman. Taylor pointed out to me that VCUs TJ Gwynn is a freshman but a redshirt, so he has a year in the system, in colelge, and of greater physical and emotional growth. Lee hasn’t played American basketball, and is adjusting to it all.

(Side note: I always type Wil Lee, for the former bass player on the Dave Letterman Show.)

Other minor item of note, to use as a Conversation Piece: The ODU bus was stuck on I-64 Wednesday night coming home from JMU. A tractor-trailer had turned over and traffic was jammed. It was nearly 5:00am by the time the team pulled into Norfolk. Seven hours later Taylor was on the phone with me, and I’m sure I wasn’t his first priority. (I know my place.)


You know them, you love them, you can’t live without them. Neither can I, which why I risk my ego. I was listening to some radio show yesterday–can’t remember which–talking about Muhammad Ali and his braggadocio. Lots of people act tough and show bravado after a big win (re: Patriots stomping on Chargers’ logo, T.O. at the Cowboys’ star, etc.) but Ali said he was going to do it before it happened. Loudly.

Nor’Easter at George Mason: Poor Bill Coen can’t catch a break. Now they get Mason, on the road, when Mason is ramping up. Heck, if Coen had scheduled the Bad News Bears, it would be right after the Bears picked up Kelly Leak. I can also see the halftime chat: “guys, we’ve got to play better transition defense, and geez Adrian, get a haircut.”
Final Call: Engleberg 71, Tanner 58

UNCW at Towson: Temi Soyebo played his best game in a UNCW uniform against VCU, and Towson doesn’t play near the defense of VCU. (Somewhere Ken Pomeroy has this stat.) Soyebo will have a big game (14 points, 9 assists), it will be far faster than people expect, and The Dub bigs will neutralize Dennard Abraham inside. But Rocky Coleman, CC Williams, and some guy named Neal will carry the day.
Final Call: Shorter, Experienced Red Faced Coach 84, Taller, First Year Red Faced Coach 77

William & Mary at Hofstra: The super sniffer is back at work (re: Psych, a great show on USA Network). Something is rotten in either Denmark, or Tony Shaver’s moustache. This is a long way to go to get your tuckus handed to you. Lots of Lithuanians play lots of minutes in this one.
Final Call: Tautiska Giesme 74, The Star Spangled Banner 60

James Madison at Georgia State: Can we go two in a row? This is a classic head versus heart choice. Everything screams Perry, while Senor Crankypants is who I want to pick. Kind of like my senior prom, I’ll spend the evening holding the hand of my date while looking wistfully across the dance floor.
Final Call: Kim Z. 71, Robin W. 65

Drexel at Delaware: I’m an idiot, but even I was moved by Bruiser’s words about Monte Ross. Unfortunately for Ross, for 40 minutes none of it matters. I Am Sam McMahon cannot keep up the strong play, even though we really like him. It’s called Chaz Crawford.
Final Call: DU 67, UD 55

Old Dominion at VCU: I’m so close to this game that I question my own objectivity on any analysis. Because of this, I’m going to have to rely on my nose. I smell yet another great game that is decided by made free throws. Honestly, I have to go with the angry team. Plus, the CAA is too tough to smell anything else. This is going to be every cliche you’ve ever heard. And go back to ninth grade and add an exponent to it. Catch it if you can. (BA Walker three at the buzzer either swishes or rims out.)
Final Call: Rim Out 64, Swish 62


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7 Responses to “Right Here, Right Now”

  1. Even though you had every right and they deserved it, thanks laying off the Monarchs

  2. You know how I know you’re gay?

    you listen to coldplay.


  3. agreed, you were easy on ODU. The Siegel center will not be. Don’t forget that 2 years ago VCU pulled the same stunt before loosing to ODU. I love this rivalry.

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  5. I have no clue how Mason is planning on stopping Maynor on Wednesday. I’m not as concerned about the press.

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