If You Could Read My Mind

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Co-POW: Eric Maynor, VCU and Jordan Carter, George Mason. This has to be a conference first–co-POW that are combined less than 12 feet tall.

ROW: TJ Gwynn, VCU


VCU is one of only two Division I teams off to 6-0 starts in their conference, along with Davidson in the Southern. The Rams are also the only Division I team to have a 7-0 record in away games. VCU (2) and ODU (1) received votes in this week’s AP and USA Today polls.

Delaware forward Harding “Herb” Courtney had another great week, tallying a career-high 29 points, nine rebounds and three steals in a loss to Towson and recording his third double-double of the season against W&M with 27 points and 11 boards. Sam McMahon posted his first career double-double at ODU with team-highs of 12 points and 12 rebounds and had 15 points on 4-of-6 three-point shooting versus W&M.

George Mason is on a three-game winning streak for the first time all season after double-digit victories over Towson (73-44), UNCW (55-34) and JMU (73-52). Mason was outstanding defensively, allowing only 43.3 ppg and shattering the school record for fewest points allowed in a three-game stretch (145-130). The Patriots held UNCW to 20.4% FG shooting, including just two first-half field goals to tie an NCAA record. Mason was also solid offensively, shooting 52.5% against TU and 50% versus JMU.

Georgia State rallied from a seven-point halftime deficit to defeat UNCW 59-54 in overtime on Saturday. It was the fourth time this season that Georgia State has won after trailing at the half and both of its CAA wins have come in overtime. Remember last season the Panthers seemingly led every game at halftime and lost them all.



Tom Pecora
Talking to Bruiser about quick turnoaround and losses: “When you’re running in quicksand it’s tough to guard people.”

On going from the DAC to Mathews: “We went from the hottest arena in the league to the coldest.”

On concern of Stokes/Agudio wearing down: “Yes, there is. We haven’t had a lot of games where we’re blowing people out…I don’t kill them during the year. We don’t practice three hours a day. I think fresh minds and fresh legs are important. In the month of February we’ll go an hour, an hour-15 every day.”

Pecora also noted that there are so many media timeouts, as well as so many whistles and play-stoppages with the three refs that guys can get their wind. He sadi he tries to get them out right before media timeouts and sometimes looks on the bench and thinks they’ve been there for a long time. The minutes are a little deceiving because of the rest. “They never complain about it.”

On Gary Neal: “Every NBA guy has called me about Loren Stokes and the next name I mention is Gary Neal.”

Bill Coen
On Hofstra comnig off a hard fought victory over Drexel and then having a morning game against his team: “It was the perfect storm and worked to our advantage. It was a set up game and a trap game for them.”

Anthony Grant
On the secret and ability to win on the road (7-0): “I wish I knew that.”

Asked by Rich Radford (ODU beat guy and good golfer) about the ODU/VCU rivalry: “We try to take it one game at a time. We’ve got a very good UNCW team coming in here…”

Rich broke in to note that he won’t get a chance to talk to coach Grant between UNCW on Wednesday and Saturday’s big game. Grant reiterated that his focus is on UNCW but invited Rich to call his office to set soemthing up.

Always entertaining.

Blaine Taylor
On playing well: “We’ve had a better blend…even though you return players every year, the way you put them together is a bit different. We have a better strategic flow; much better mental outlook.”

On playing well, part 2: “As good a defensive team as Drexel is, I thought our kids had calm minds.”

Talking to Jud Heathcoate about the grind of the conference season and depth of quality teams: “It used to be that you get ahead of seven teams you’re in first place; now you get ahead of seven teams you’re in fifth.”

On Valdus Vasylius staying out of foul trouble: “He’s been smarter. He’s meshing with our team better than he ever has. He’s a smarter player and that’s a reason why we’re better.”

Tony Shaver
On Delaware loss: “We’re disappointed. The one thing that’s tough is we’ve had a difficult time with practice. What’s really tough with this team–having a freshman point guard and some other guys playing–is that you don’t get quality time at practice.”

VCU and Delaware shot 50% against the Tribe in the past two games: “If that happens we won’t win in this league.”

On George Mason game tonight, referring to the Tribe’s upset win in Fairfax: “We awoke a sleeping giant.”


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5 Responses to “If You Could Read My Mind”

  1. Refering to VCU: Having a SOS of 207 could help with the record. As for the conf record … NE, Delaware, Towson (2), W&M, JMU … REALLLLL TOUGH. If you guys did any worse than 5-1 against those teams, it would be a disappointment.

    And I thought you said 7-0 on the road? I guess the loss to Toledo in the Virgin Islands you aren’t going to count as “away” … you’ll say “neutral”. Clever trick, but doesn’t necessarily work. It is still away from your home court, which was your *point* being made.

  2. Who has VCU beaten this year? They are highly overrated at this point of the season.

  3. As a point of fact, two teams playing 1,000 miles from their respective campus is deemed “neutral” by the free world.

    We always educate here, even the slow.

  4. Of course it’s “neutral” … but that is still away from their home court. Your point was that they were 7-0 AWAY FROM HOME. That Toledo game is AWAY FROM HOME! Even though it’s not considered an official away game.

    I educate, even the slower.

  5. Aren’t we getting awfully technical with the word play? To me away has always meant at the opposing teams court which is more significant then winning or loosing at a neutral court.

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