I Can’t Tell You Why

I’ve had some time this morning to sort the dogfight:

The Pride defeated ODU at home and Drexel on the road, and then tanked at Nor’Easter.

Undefeated and untested, really. But wins are wins, and the Rams a pile of road victories.

Old Dominion
Only loss is at Hofstra, no shame. To say they drilled Drexel is an understatement. Lots of home games on the slate.

Still the best attributes, in my opinion. Two consecutive losses are okay considering the opponent, but they are two losses.

I don’t care what happened in November and early December, unless someone was injured. It also deosn’t matter what any of us think is going to happen, because we don’t know. But keep reading and you’ll have a better idea.

What I’m trying to tell you is this: you cannot point to one game or two games and call it a trend. Just because Hofstra went to Philly and beat Drexel, it doesn’t mean one team is better than the other. Hofstra might just follow up that win and lose to Nor”easter. Does that mean we’re ready to crown Nor’Easter the conference champs? We can’t, because Nor”easter lost to VCU.

See how it goes?

Don’t guess, just enjoy. Because Your Team is going to win and lose a bunch. And that is why we love mid major basketball.

I can tell you one word keeps coming to my mind when I look at late January and early February:



~ by mglitos on January 15, 2007.

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