The Impression That I Get

Hmmm…not really sure what to make of yesterday, other than it officially caught me by surprise. Big picture. Big picture. Big picture.

Let’s put it this way…I need to think about the big picture. That comes tomorrow.

Today, I want to enjoy the Bears’ overtime victory, pop a pizza into the oven, and hit the hardwood myself. (A group of us play together every Sunday night, moron.)


Today, I want to congratulate Pat Kennedy. Yes Towson lost to VCU last night, but I’ve never seen such a great job at working the refs in my life. It was an absolute clinic. After a few consecutive calls did not go his way, Kennedy barked. After a couple more close calls went to the home team, Kennedy became enraged. He was screaming at the top of his lungs to the official all the way across the court.

Kennedy then had a pointed discussion with the official–the one who didn’t make the questionable call–without raising his voice. It continued to the point where it interrupted play, Kennedy’s normally rosy cheeks were Santa-like, and VCU coach Anthony Grant was protesting. At no point did I hear an obscenity, but it was a very directed speech.

As the teams came back out of the locker room for the second half, Kennedy instructed Dennard Abraham to go over to the offending official and bring him to the coach. Kennedy resumed his berating, again to the point.

In the first four minutes of the second half, a span that saw Towson cut VCUs 13-point lead to five, for consecutive 50/50 calls went to Towson. Three by the object of Kennedy’s affections.

I didn’t see Kennedy get on the refs again all night.

Liek I said, it was an absolute clinic.


One other thing I’d never seen. VCUs press forced Towson into a series of first half timeouts. Coupled with VCU spurts where Kennedy needed to stop momentum, Towson actually had no timeouts in the second half.


~ by mglitos on January 14, 2007.

3 Responses to “The Impression That I Get”

  1. you did a great job of providing a “unbiased” caa blog last year. now you’re letting your black and gold show through. i’m sure the vcu game was interesting, but what about the rest of the caa???

  2. Go Bears!!!

  3. All we read about is the great VCU press against the bottom-feeder in the CAA. The 6-0 start is against the Delaware, NE, Madisons and Towsons. Your world not in order any more and reality is coming down the track. The big picture looks too scary to accept or you would have acknowledged ODU. If you want to write about the game on the day it was ODU trouncing a Drexel team that’s getting votes in national polls, about Henderson shutting down Mejia, Dahi and others all over Elegar, and about Lee taking Crawford to the woodshed. Remember when you said Lee was a stiff. The real world out there says VCU has not played the top tier team yet and that VCU will not survive the 8 game stretch that includes 2 with ODU and 2 with Mason, plus Hofstra, W&M and Drexel.

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