Let the Day Begin

The Slate, Abbreviated

Apologies for yesterday. Between a website redesign and a client meeting/project it suddenly became 5:45 and Stella was waiting at home. Today, I’m off to the Shenendoah to enjoy nature for a few hours before catching VCU and the Keeners in Harrisonburg. Look, it’s 70 degrees in Jnauary and too wet to play golf. If you’re not at a game you should be outside; because if there’s anything I’ve tried to teach you, it is balance. And that means more than rebounding AND shooting.

Poor Bills at The Tribe: If we were hesitant about before William & Mary before the Mason game, think about our head-scratching now. Add to that Nor’Easter remains a 2007 mystery. For what it’s worth, too: this game is the nooner on Comcast. As my dad always said: “when you have no idea, go with the home team.”
The Call: Shaverthatmoustache 67, Poor Bills 60

Towson at Georgia State: The Tigers are on the road, where they have stunk up several joints. The Panthers are rounding into form (re: DDickerson) and get their second straight home game. But just like I told you last year about Will Thomas, this year I’m telling you about Tommy Breaux. The kid is a game-changer. One of my friends is going to laugh hysterically, but I have a feeling.
The Call:The Audis 74, On My Minds 65

George Mason at Old Dominion: Hmmmmm. I’m not liking what I see in the eyes and heads of the Patriots and their erstwhile leader. I won’t overanalize this, but Mason will. ODU won’t need a Drew Williamson three from Roanoke to win this one.
The Call: OhDeeYou 61, Hangovers 55

The Dub at Drexel: Sorry, but I have to pick a score here. Drexel is due a let down effort, and now is the time. Luckily for Bruiser’s Boys they are at home, and The Dub is beaten up. I see a very close game and the Daskasklascklasisias Pack nervous. But a 14-2 run in the middle portion of the second half buoys the Dragons.
The Call: Drexelific 72, Brian Wilsons 62.

Delaware at Hofstra: This is shaping up as a classic “watch the first 10 minutes and check scores from other games” game. Harding Courtney scores 31 points and Hofstra wins 84-32. Importantly, the Pride’s bench gets minutes. MORE importantly, the Pride’s Big Three gets bench. (Note: the trio played 143 of 150 minutes in WED double-OT win, and they play again Monday.)
The Call: Hofstra 82, Delaware 67

VCU at JMU: All the love and support I give Dean Keener and then he goes and blows out Delaware when I pick against him.
The Call: VCU 86, Traitors 66


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