Back Where We Started

Here we go round again…it seems the Loyalists–those that read pretty much every day–were big fans of The Predictions last season. Amid the hullabaloo of information and analysis, it is always good to have some fun. So we’ll bring them back this year.


Drexel at Georgia State: The nooner will be typically sloppy. I emailed a freind of mine this morning and told him this game smelled like Drexel 64, Georgia State 53. I’ll stick to that number as my guess. I will stand by my other prediction that is undocumented until now–Drexel will lead 27-18 at the half.
Revised Final Call: Drexel 61, Ga State 50. (I annoy myself sometimes…)

Old Dominion at Northeastern: Mathews Arena is cold, as in meat-hanging, Rocky-training cold. Both teams will shoot 65% tonight. Combined. Talent wins, as Brandon Johnson plays well in Drew Williamson’s stead.
Final Call: Blainiacs 59, Poor Bills 53.

VCU at Towson: This is the second-most interesting game on the slate. Gary Neal has not truly exploded this year, and VCU plays a style that favors tonight being the night. Towson won this game last year, too. Smart guys will say CC Williams isn’t prepared for what he is about to face, and Tim Crossin isn’t athletic enough. I say that everybody is calling a Towson win, and that’s why they won’t.
Final Call: VCU 78, The Alive Kennedys 71.

Hofstra at The Dub: This is the most interesting game on the slate. Hofstra is playing much better, primarily due to Mike Davis Gadley Sabb’s improvement inside. And look, everybody knows I’m eventually moving to the beach and I love UNCW, but this is going to be a long year. There is just too much upheavel, and that was before TJ Carter was injured.
Final Call: Uter is Missed 81, So is Carter 75.

Delaware at JMU: (Schoolgirl giggle…)
Final Call: YouDee Lite 66, I Back Keener 64.

William & Mary at George Mason: Vegas loses a pile of money wagering that the Tribe has a better record coming into this game against a Final Four team. W&M is 13-0 under Tony Shaverthatmoustache, and Mason leads the conference in team defense. It’s far easier to cover somebody than put the ball in the hoop.
Final Call: Fightin Larranagas 67, The College of 57.


~ by mglitos on January 3, 2007.

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