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I’m no Kyle Whelliston, but Tuesdays will be chock full of info. Media call begins today, and the donneybrook begins in earnest tomorrow.


Hofstra reserve guard Jorge Lebron has left the team for personal reasons. He’s leaving the team and the school. Lebron appeared in three games off the bench for the Pride this season, and in 31 games in his three seasons with the Pride. He tallied 38
points and 13 rebounds in his career.


Tom Pecora, on their game against Syracuse: “We didn’t answer the bell.” He says he spoke at length to his guards about the accolades that have been bestowed upon them. He emphasized that there are no nights off, that they don’t get blown out anywhere.

On heading to the beach and The Dub: “We’ve never won there. I told the team someday we will. Why not Wednesday night?”

Oh, and his coaching on Loren Stokes’ game-winner against St. Joe’s: “I’m not going to outsmart anyone.” He let Stokes make a play.


Blaine Taylor, on the hand injury to star guard Drew Williamson: “We traded him to a Finnish team for a kid with two hands.” After the rim shot, Taylor said that they sent Williamson to get an x-ray and it showed no break, but that it was very tender.

“His hand is not fractured, but it is hurt.”


Poor Bill Coen, on his nonconference gauntlet: “It was a tremendous experience for us…You have to have those games on your schedule. If you’re scared to play at Syracuse, you’d better be scared to play at Drexel.”

On tomorrow’s ODU game: “I’m not sure how we’re going to match up with them yet.”

Perhaps we will rename him Coy Bill Coen. That was a good one.


Jim Larranaga “begs to differ” on the folks that say the CAA is not At Large Worthy. His reasoning is that while the conference may not have distinguished itself record-wise, it is playing good teams on the road and folks have to see that.

He also noted that the team’s bus broke down on the way to the Duke game.



Bruiser Flint, on his team’s start: “We can’t complain, but it’s a looong season.” (Insert Flint laugh here.)

As for the keys in the Nooner against Georgia State: “We better be awake!” (Insert more Flint laughter here.)

On Chaz Crawford saying he prefers defense and rebounding and that he’s fine with Frank the Tank Elegar getting all teh scoring: “I told him to just make the layups! I told him to be a little better offensively, and to his credit he has. But we know we can’t run plays for him.” (Insert Flint laughter here.)

Flint also noted, in all seriousness, that he had a talk with Elegar after the Penn game about not being afraid to succeed. Elegar has been a different player since.


Tony Shaver, on his team’s good start: “The big difference is the confidence level when they walk on the floor.” Shaver also correctly noted that another difference is that they are juniors and seniors walking onto the floor.


I’ve detailed the struggles and victory of VCUs Calvin Roland before–how he was left for dead after a car accident, held a job while in school, lost a year with a hurt back, and spent two years homeless–and now, on top of all of that, Calvin Roland’s father passed away. On Christmas Eve.

Somebody please tell me how this is fair. Really. This is a good kid who had every opportunity to give up or be mad at the world. Right now he is in graduate school.

Somebody, somewhere, with connections, had better be ready to help this kid. We can debate what he “deserves,” but I can tell you this kid has earned several breaks.


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