Towson 80, Winston Salem 59. Gary Neal scores 26, but take a look at the maturation of Tommy Breaux. This kid is getting better and better. But also note CC Williams notching three minutes in a blowout win. For Pat Kennedy’s sake, let’s hope Williams is fighting a cold or flu.

Texas Pan American 70, JMU 59. At least this wasn’t in the Battery-Powered Zoo. Guys not named Juwan James shoot about 30% for the game. The Dukes fall to 2-8, I still can’t understand it, and the Dean Keener chirpers get louder.

Winthrop 71, ODU 65. Monarchs’ faithful are going to struggle with this loss, but it’s not a bad one. What should be concerning is Arnaud Dahi’s continuing poof act. This has little to do with his knee and everything to do with his want-to. Every single year he hits a spot where he just doesn’t do the things he needs to do to succeed. Every year it’s around Christmas.

Hofstra 63, St. John’s 51. Look out…the Pride is getting it all together. This is the fourth straight year Hofstra has beaten the Jonnies by double digits. Gadzooks: Chris Gadley is coming along. The 6-9 sophomore forward had eight points and seven rebounds last night, giving him 16 points and 16 rebounds in the two tournament games. Importantly, early in the second half after St. John’s drew close, Gadley converted back-to-back dunks to restore a 42-35 lead.


Today, the Fightin’ Larranagas take on Mississippi State. At home. Tipoff is right about when I type these words: GMU will win this one. I say that for no other reason than GMU has no reason why they should win this game. College basketball is like that.

The Dub is also tipping off against NC State in Raleigh. Taint happenin–Pack by nine.

VCU hosts Appy State this evening in a game that means more than any name would suggest. Appy State carries a glossy RPI number in the teens, thanks to victories over Virginia and Vanderbilt. They also have two very good players in guard DJ Thompson and forward Dontaye Minter (a Virginia transfer). This is a numbers game VCU will win.

Delaware travels to Holy Cross searching for–gasp!–its third straight win. Again, taint happenin. Holy Cross by double digits.

Finally JMU plays tonight and I don’t know that it matters.


~ by mglitos on December 30, 2006.

4 Responses to “Yesterday”

  1. Dahi sucks.

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  3. Dahi REALLY sucks.

  4. Dahi doesn’t deserve my recognition.

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